How to Choose Bed Sheets for A Great Night’s Sleep

How to Choose Bed Sheets for A Great Night’s Sleep

Many factors can affect how we sleep; one of the most important one’s people frequently overlook is bed sheets. It is often thought that bed sheets are there just to protect the bed; however, those who have experienced quality bed sheets will know they are there for far more than that!

When you consider we spend, on average, a staggering 26 years in bed, it seems worth taking a little time and effort to make those years as comfortable as possible. To ensure that you sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead. But with so many options available, how do you choose Bed Sheets for A Great Night’s Sleep? Here is what to look for:

Soft to Touch.

It is always far easier to get to sleep if you feel wrapped in cosiness. When choosing your sheets, keep this in mind and pick sheets that are soft to the touch and good quality. An excellent way to check the quality of the sheets is by the thread count, which refers to the number of threads per inch. The higher thread counts typically indicate a finer and smoother fabric that will feel softer against the skin.

Getting into a bed with freshly laundered sheets has to be one of life’s little luxuries. Going for high-quality sheets will ensure they can stand frequent washing and still look and feel their best, wash after wash.

When looking for sheets, find suppliers with great reviews from people who have actually had the experience of using them. This information will help you to choose bedding that is both excellent quality and great to sleep in and steer away from anything that is not.

A Breathable Fabric.

Whilst it is nice to feel cosy, the best sleeping temperature is cool rather than hot. Choosing breathable sheets will help ensure you stay cool and asleep instead of overheating and waking up, which many people report as a reason they wake during the night.

Natural fibres like bamboo, cotton or linen are best for this. The breathable fibres help to keep you at a steady temperature by allowing you to warm up when it is cold and stay cool when the weather is warm.

Kind to your Skin. 

Many sheets can be far from gentle to your skin, making it hard to sleep, especially if you have an allergy. Choosing a naturally hypoallergenic material such as bamboo for your bedding may help to reduce the irritation. The unique, delicate fibres are gentle to the skin and inhospitable to micro-organisms such as bed bugs and dust mites, which can irritate allergy sufferers and disturb sleep.

A Good Fit. 

Making an entire bed takes quite an effort, especially if you only remember when it is time to go to bed! When choosing bed sheets, ensure they are the right fit for your bed. A good fit will guarantee making the bed is a little easier, and once it is made, the sheets will stay in position on the bed until it is time to change them again.

Sustainable bed Sheets. 

Buying new sheets for your bed can be good for your sleep, and the planet can help you sleep better at night. Now options are made from natural fibres and without harmful chemicals, which has to be good for us all.

Knowing how to Choose bed sheets for a great night’s sleep can be difficult and is an investment you want to get right. However, by looking for a few critical indicators like thread count, material and sustainability, you can choose a bed sheet that will last and will be good for the planet.