How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Lounge- 2021 Edition!

How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Lounge- 2021 Edition!

A rug has the capacity to either make or shatter an entire room’s appearance. An excellent pick unifies everything and communicates, ‘this place is complete.’ A well-chosen rug can help establish zones in a living room. It adds warmth to areas that may appear and feel cold to the touch – we’re looking at you, tiles and hardwood.

Choosing the appropriate rugs for your room might be difficult. We have some ideas that will assist you in selecting the ideal rug for any space and in infusing your room with some interesting designs.

Things to consider before buying a Rug for your Lounge

1. Timing Is Everything

Always choose your rug last – or first. If you want to make a true statement with a rug that steals the show, begin with the rug and work your way around it. However, if you already have furniture that you adore, your rug can serve as a supporting element in the bigger room, and it can be chosen to complement the palette you’ve established.

2. Pretend to Sing a Rainbow

Accept colour and trends. After all, replacing a rug is an excellent opportunity to update your living room and give it an entirely new feel, so don’t be afraid to experiment with some of 2018’s hottest colours, such as earthy red and pink tints that pair nicely with mustard, tan, navy, and teal. Warm, earthy brown tones will also be prominent. Consider cognac, almond, and beige in this case. Consider light mauve, faded indigo, or peachy terracotta for a true splash of colour.

3. Consider what lies Beneath

DO take into account your flooring. It is the foundation for your rug, and certain colours just work well together. Warmer toned woods pair well with warmer rug colours, whereas modern, light woods pair well with grey, blue, and white rugs.

4. Be kind to your Neighbours

Take into account your neighbours. If you reside in an apartment complex, carpets can act as an excellent sound barrier, especially in high-traffic areas such as the living room. A correctly positioned rug will absorb sound, preventing your neighbours from hearing your every move, while also absorbing part of their noise.

5. Size Does Matter

Avoid selecting a rug that is too small for the room. A larger rug can make all the difference in terms of drawing your space together – or not. Always go larger; the additional expense will be worth it.

Consider the room’s orientation, when determining which direction, the rug should go. It is advisable to put a rug lengthwise in a long space. Using painter’s tape to indicate the location of your rug assists in visualising the final look and is a pro tip that guarantees the rug is in the correct location from all angles.

6. Not Everything is Black and White

Choose rugs that are not too dark or too light for living room spaces. Of course, choosing a rug colour is entirely subjective. However, avoid all-black or all-white rugs in high-traffic areas, especially if you have a small family or a cat. Include upkeep as a criterion in your choosing process to ensure that you spend more time appreciating your rug and less time vacuuming. However, these rugs might look stunning in other, more tranquil areas.

7. High Pile vs Low Pile

Consider the pile type you choose while searching for a rug: low, medium, or high. Low-pile rugs are frequently more durable and easier to vacuum and clean than high-pile carpets. Additionally, they are less expensive than carpets with a heavy pile.

Softer and more comfortable underfoot, high-pile rugs can help make rooms appear cosier and more inviting. A low-pile rug, such as a dhurrie or kilim, will benefit a room with high foot traffic, while a thicker rug will last longer in a room with limited foot traffic.

8. Way of life

Your lifestyle should be a big factor in determining the rug you ultimately choose. Generally, a white rug with a dense pile is not the best choice if you have children or pets. If you anticipate your rug being subjected to significant wear and tear, a flat weave rug with a stain-masking pattern is worth considering due to its ease of maintenance.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to create an atmosphere of ease and elegance, a flat weave rug is probably not the best choice. Rather than that, opt for something softer and with a higher pile. Bear in mind, however, that it will not endure damage as well as something with a lower pile.

9. Maintenance

When choosing a rug, be candid with yourself about the amount of effort you are willing to invest in its maintenance. Vacuuming and turning rugs on a regular basis is recommended for the majority of rugs. Although flat-weave carpets are easy to vacuum, they can also be beat out the old-fashioned way. High-pile carpets are more difficult to clean, and some must be sent out or cleaned professionally in the home.

Whichever type you choose, be sure to use a rug pad that complements both the rug’s substance and the surrounding ground. Avoid exposing a rug to direct sunlight whenever feasible, and never allow stains to develop. If you do any of these things, regardless of the type of rug, you risk damaging it.

10.Rug Styles

There are nearly as many rug varieties as there are types of furniture, lighting, and room designs, implying an almost endless amount of possibilities. Traditional Persian rugs and traditional European patterns are no longer the only possibilities for interior design. Alongside these time-honoured alternatives, modern and contemporary options like as vivid flowers, striking geometrics, and simple jutes and sisals are included.

Before settling on a style, familiarise yourself with the options and consider the atmosphere you wish to create in your room. Bear in mind that a rug should complement, not duplicate, the textures and tones of the existing furnishings.

11. Rug Patterns

While patterns are not for everyone, if your furniture and walls are all solid colours, a patterned rug may truly transform your space. Similarly, if your furniture is patterned, a solid rug can serve as a grounding and tranquil element. Balance is critical; if your area is already furnished, keep this in mind while purchasing a rug.

However, if this is your first purchase, evaluate which pattern is ideal for you. Are you looking for something flamboyant or more understated? Because a pattern’s impact on a room is inextricably linked to its colours, consider how the two will interact.