How to Properly Put Out a Grease Fire

How to Properly Put Out a Grease Fire

All fires are not the same, and they should never be treated the same. Grease fires are among the most common and difficult fires to put out. Grease fires usually occur when residues of grease or oil on an oven, stove or fryer get too hot and end up igniting. It’s important to note that different oils have different flashpoints (burning temperatures). However, it would interest you to know that all the oils you purchase from the grocery store can catch fire if you’re not careful. Grease fires are particularly very dangerous since grease is a liquid and can splash easily. When grease fires start in your kitchen, they can easily spread to other flammable areas such as the cabinets.

So if you’re facing any grease fires in your kitchen, here are some tips to help you put it out;

Turn off the Heat Source if it’s Possible

This might sound obvious, but it’s usually the last thing people think of when facing a real fire. In this situation, it’s not advisable to begin with moving the pan or pot. This is because the grease might end up splashing on you or any other flammable substance in the kitchen and end up causing even more damage. For that reason, it’s better to turn off the heat source first without moving the pot or the pan.

Call Emergency Services

There is no reason to wait for the fire to escalate. You can always call emergency services to come and help you evacuate everything safely. However, if you can manage to put out the fire alone, you do not need to contact any emergency services. Having proper equipment handy will always be a good idea, and each home and commercial property should have extinguishers and products available to put out fires of all types. Having equipment tested on a regular basis by companies like Jim’s electrical test and tag services, will ensure that when you go to use your equipment, it functions as it should.

Cover the Fire Using a Metal Lid

We all know that oxygen is an oxidizer that supports combustion. For this reason, if there is a grease fire in your kitchen, ensure that you use a large metal lid to cover the fire. When you slide a lid on top of the fire, it will deprive it of oxygen and end up snuffing it. It’s important that you ensure the lid you use to cover the fire is a metal one. If you use a glass lid, it will end up breaking in the presence of the heat.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

Before you have to deal with any fire emergency at your home, it’s important that you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Using a chemical fire extinguisher in your kitchen means that some of the food or utensils will end up covered in chemicals. As a result, you’ll have a lot of clean up to do afterward. However, this is better than burning your whole house down. If there is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, make use of it. Although you should always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when spraying it on any fire. Using a fire extinguisher should always come as the last resort after you’ve tried all the basics without success.

Fires Are Dangerous

Grease fires are dangerous, and you should always do everything to avoid them. For this reason, ensure that you wipe the bottom of all your pots and pans to get rid of any grease residues.