Choosing Between Single-Storey and Double-Storey Home For Your Family

Choosing Between Single-Storey and Double-Storey Home For Your Family

To live peacefully is every family’s dream. That’s why building a home becomes a great investment these days. It offers two different home choices, a single or a double-storey house design, whichever may suit your long-term way of life.

There are many factors in buying a property, including all the little details like the building’s layout and overall look. It has to take a lot of decision-making before coming up with the best possible outcome that is fitted for a certain family.

The final decision is all up to you. Choosing the right home for you is crucial and so below is a list of differences between single and double-storey homes that you should know.

Why Choose Single-Storey Houses?

Single-storey houses are the traditional home design in the past years. They are simple and yet can protect a family all day. Some home buyers will pick this one for the following reasons:

  • Cost and Time Efficient

One-storey houses will initially require a fewer amount of materials compared to double-storey homes. Homebuilders can prove that the overall cost of building a single-storey house is 30% less than another option. The building-up process is also lighter with less labor needed and can be completed shortly.

  • Easier to Access

A single-storey house is the best choice when living with seniors to avoid possible accidents. Older individuals may get in trouble going up and downstairs, as well as with toddlers who play a lot and therefore prone to injuries.

  • Design

Planning to build a home includes talking about particular house designs. Many choose a one-storey house for this reason as it does not demand so many details but just an open design. It is also more flexible than adding one more level when it comes to putting all your stuff together.

Single-storey homes do have a higher ceiling and a more welcoming living area that could easily please visitors.

The natural lighting additionally makes the house attractive and more aesthetic during the day. Homebuilders must ensure proper positioning of the house when building it.

Despite all the advantages, single-storey houses have limited outdoor spaces thus less area for gardening and playing.

Why Choose Double-Storey Houses?

On the other hand, two-storey houses are more modern wherein many families in Australia choose to build. Here are the reasons why:

  • More Private

Rooms, living room, and kitchen are separated upstairs and downstairs to support better privacy. This benefits some members of the family who want to experience an alone time when guests are in the living room.

Another benefit is that two-story houses can take advantage of the reduced noise coming from the street or people passing by. It is because the bedrooms could be located far from the road. Therefore, a perfect place to have some rest after a long tiring day.

  • Better Views

Erecting a double-storey house in a location with nice scenery is priceless. With the added house level, homeowners can enjoy great views, such as mountains, beaches, and even the city lights. Similar to enjoying the natural light, the house shall be built at an angle that does not hinder better views.

  • Huge Space

Bigger families might select a two-story home because of the larger living space it offers. Unlike one-storey houses, it has more outdoor spaces for kids to play around and for other activities like gardening and swimming.

  • Other Features

Double-storey houses can look more stunning than single-storey homes with some additional features. To name some is the staircase that may vary in design according to the homeowner’s choice. You may also add up good lighting due to its higher ceiling, and other defining house accessories.

These features can improve the property’s market value in the case of selling the house in the future. However, two-storey houses are high-maintenance due to temperature regulation and are way more difficult to clean. It also demands greater money to complete the property.

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How To Choose Between These Two Home Structures?

Now that you know the advantages and downsides of each home design, there is more that you should know. Here is a complete guide in choosing a perfect home for your family after weighing up their pros and cons:

  • Lifestyle

Have a clear mindset of what lifestyle you may want to live for the longest time before getting a house. For instance, your family will increase in number sooner or later by which a double-storey house could be a good option. And if you are into smaller houses, the other choice could fit your needs.

  • House Layout and Block Size

The overall home design matters in deciding between the two house options. For individuals who like living openly with visitors, a single-storey home is best recommended. On the other side, when someone wants more privacy and loves zoning out, a two-storey home is advised.

Also, the block size plays a vital role in choosing a house design. Smaller blocks would be better off with a double-storey house to maximize the space. It will result in more bedrooms, living areas, and even an outdoor space.

  • Budget and Preferences

Single-storey houses are obviously less expensive than two-storey houses. Nonetheless, reading their pros and cons earlier can help you decide which one will meet your needs. It is not about the cost but more about its value.

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