How Walk-In Chiropractic Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain

How Walk-In Chiropractic Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain

Back pain may range from a dull aching to one that is intolerable, depending on the severity of the condition. Back pain is the second most frequent reason individuals see their healthcare providers, only behind the common cold in terms of frequency. Because of that, a lot of individuals are absent from work. Back pain is something that will affect around 80% to 90% of individuals in the United States at some time in their life. Walk In Chiropractic, a chiropractor in Spokane, WA, can help you there.

Different Kinds of Back Pain

Back pain may be broken down into two primary categories: acute back pain and chronic back pain. The length of time that each of these two forms of back pain lasts is what differentiates them from one another. Although it’s possible to experience pain anywhere in your back, one of the most prevalent issues we find in patients is lower back pain.

Severe and Acute Back Pain

Acute back pain often resolves itself within three to six weeks. Back pain that comes on suddenly, such as after a fall or a strenuous day at the gym, is often classified as acute back pain and will normally go better on its own. An example of acute back pain is the discomfort felt in the lower back after a day of shoveling snow, which typically subsides within a week or two.

Chronic Back Pain

Back discomfort that lasts for more than three months is considered chronic. You may not be able to determine what brought on the pain, and the discomfort could have crept up on you gradually over the course of a few weeks. Treatment is often necessary in order for those suffering from chronic back pain to get relief.

Pain in the lower back often gets better with rest and self-care therapies done at home. In most cases, the discomfort begins to lessen after a few days have passed. If it doesn’t work, you should talk to your doctor about further treatment options. They could recommend seeing a spine expert for you.

Remedies for Your Back Pain

OTC Medication

Acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), which are both available without a prescription, are the most common over-the-counter painkillers. Although both types of medication have the potential to alleviate back pain, NSAIDs are designed to directly target the inflammation that is the root cause of swelling.

You might also try pain management ointments, lotions, or patches that are applied directly to the skin. A good number of these over-the-counter medicines have components that will momentarily dull the sensation in the region of your back that is giving you pain. Even while it is not a permanent cure, it might assist in easing your back discomfort while you are healing.

Back Walking and Other Home Remedies That Should Be Forgotten

Ice and Heat Methods

Have you ever wondered if a heating pad or an ice pack would be more effective for the discomfort in your lower back? You are free to test out any option.

In many cases, exposure to cold temperatures might assist in reducing inflammation as well as edema. Your muscles may become more relaxed as a result of heat. You could benefit from trying heat or cold treatment for 20 minutes at a time, many times a day, depending on the symptoms of your lower back pain.


Even though getting enough rest is critical to the healing process, you shouldn’t spend the whole day in bed. Walking, swimming, practicing yoga or cycling, or even just basic stretching all enhance blood flow, which in turn boosts the body’s ability to recover. Back discomfort may also be alleviated by working on strengthening your core muscles, which include your abdominal and back muscles. If you don’t move about, the muscles that surround your spine may start to feel weak or tight, which may make your lower back discomfort much worse.

You may stretch your back, improve the health of your muscles and joints, better the distribution of healing nutrients via increased blood circulation, and increase the flexibility of your spine by participating in yoga.

When you first begin, you should stretch carefully and only move to the next level if you are able to do so without experiencing discomfort. You will be able to include more stretches into your practice as time goes on. In order to assist in relaxing your spine and also eliminate stiffness and pains in your back, the best time to practice yoga is first thing in the morning.

See a Chiropractor

Adjustments performed by a chiropractor are considered safe as long as they are carried out by an individual who has the necessary education, training, and certification to do such procedures. However, since the joints are manipulated during treatments, it is usual for patients to have symptoms such as headaches, weariness, soreness, and discomfort following the sessions. A person who has osteoporosis, spinal difficulties, spine cancer, a high risk of stroke, or any other major ailment that may need surgery is not a good candidate for chiropractic treatment, and it is not advised.

Even while chiropractors are able to effectively treat a large number of the conditions that lead to back pain, it’s possible that further treatments may be required. Most of the time, a fresh method of therapy is required for chronic pain. A herniated disc, spinal stenosis, vertebral fracture, or another serious condition might be the root cause of persistent discomfort.

In at least one of these scenarios, the most appropriate course of action may consist of less invasive treatment options. Because of this, consulting with an all-encompassing medical team, such as the one at Portland Wellness Care, may assist you in determining the most appropriate solution to take for your particular problems. In addition, a clinic will have many different alternatives accessible, making it easy for you to test a variety of treatments to see which one is most effective for you.

Adjustments in chiropractic care are primarily focused on providing relief from symptoms that arise from the musculoskeletal system. This might be done in order to relieve aches and pains, stiffness in the muscles, or chronic illnesses. If they are looking for an alternate kind of therapy that does not include taking prescription drugs, there are some individuals who choose to be adjusted by a chiropractor instead.

Walk-In Chiropractic Can Help You!

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