Is Solar Really Worth it for Brisbane Residents?

Is Solar Really Worth it for Brisbane Residents?

There are several reasons why many people, most house owners, opt for solar. Mainly it’s because of financial saving as it cuts on the cost of electricity and for environmental purposes since it’s considered clean energy or even both.

According to for most households in Brisbane, the main reason for installing solar panels is the current cost of power and the government rebates, which have made the shift more affordable. Most people also get paid for producing excess energy they don’t use through feed-in tariffs. There are several utility companies that is responsible for this task so it’s also important for one to choose a best feed-in tariff that can pay for the extra energy incase the system is producing the extra energy.

Furthermore, the Australian federal government gives its residents rebates depending on the solar size they are installing and the STC zone they are in. This is an advantage to the Brisbane residents since they fall in zone 1 which means they receive higher rebates and best solar rathe tes compared to other cities in Australia. The scheme is to be terminated by 2030, more reason why the resident needs solar now. Some other factors include;

Brisbane Has Great Sunshine For Solar

panels use the sun as their greatest source of energy, yet on average out of 365 days, Brisbane has almost 285 sunny days. With this access to solar energy, any resident of Brisbane can harvest a considerable amount of energy throughout the year, which can be used to power their home, thus reducing the electricity bill. This thus makes the use of solar panels worth it for residents in Brisbane as they can take advantage of the free sunlight to produce free energy.

A Great Investment

With a considerate amount of energy being generated yearly, one can sell any excess energy produced by the solar panel back to the grid for cash. This is another reason why solar panels are worth it in Brisbane

The excess energy is stored and later sold to the national grid via a feed-in tariff. This is one way solar panels pay back when one decides to invest in them. However, it’s also important for one to shop around for the best retailer to sign up with, as the rates differ depending on the utility company.


Solar being renewable energy, means it can never run out. Therefore, Brisbane being a sunshine spot also means one can generate power without energy restriction every day and also with the fact that sunlight cannot be monopolized

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs a reason why solar panels are worth it for residents in Brisbane.

Cuts Power Bills by 90%

Having solar panels makes one independent and free from energy bills as one doesn’t need to buy energy from the grid. On the contrary, it makes one sell to the grid thus investing in solar panels.

Electricity bills tend to increase monthly expenses, but with solar panels, one can generate their energy from the sun, which is abundant in Brisbane and free. The reason why it’s also worth going for solar panels when you reside in Brisbane as you will generate enough energy to power your home without any expenses.

Enviro Friendly

Unlike traditional electricity which heavily relies on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal that are not only harm,ful to the environment but also are finite resources, solar systems produce clean and pure energy from the renewable source which is the sun.

Harmful gases like carbon which are produced when fossil fuels are burnt in order to produce electricity cause air pollution and global change in the climate.

Therefore, installing solar panels, on the other hand,, helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and intense reliance on fossil fuels, thus saving the environment.

Additionally, fossil fuel production needs a significant water source, thus causing water pollution.  On the other hand, solar energy requires little amount or no water to operate hence not polluting water resources.

Natural gas and coal plants also produce water and air pollution that harms human health. But replacing these fossil fuels with renewable energy helps to reduce the cost of health care and premature mortality as it improves public health.

Furthermore, electricity production is at risk during drought since fossil fuels require a significant amount of water during cooling. This is an advantage to solar power systems since it works best during drought and they do not need water to produce electricity.

Lastly, charity begins at home. It’s therefore evident that installing solar panels in Brisbane is more worth it as it helps contribute to a sustainable future.

Adds Value to your Property

With increasing electricity bills, most people, while looking for a home to buy tend to look for homes with solar panels instead. This is an advantage to residents of  Brisbane, where the sun is in plenty thus need to consider installing solar panels in their homes or property as this adds value to it and makes one a step ahead.

Solar panels are assets that pay back at long last and also cut on monthly utility billit s, so is good to take advantage of them when you living in Brisbane as many people also shift to the idea.

Rebates and other Incentives

The Australian government promotes the installation of solar panels by providing good incentives for solar rebates to its residents. This solar rebate is also another good reason why the installation of solar panels is worth it in Brisbane.

The solar rebates help to slash the upfront cost, thus making installing solar panels more affordable. This is an advantage to all residents in Brisbane as the government helps them to reap the rewards that come with installing solar panels and mostly is on the huge reduction of electricity bills.

In conclusion, installing solar panels in Brisbane proves to be worth it. From saving financially to taking care of the environment sounds noble and responsible.