Kurtwood Smith Talks About His Iconic Role on ‘That 90s Show’

Kurtwood Smith Talks About His Iconic Role on ‘That 90s Show’

kurtwood smith cane that 90s show

Kurtwood Smith first rose to fame with his iconic role as Red Forman on the hit TV show ‘That 70s Show’. Now, decades later, he is back to talk about his new role on ‘That 90s Show’ and what fans can expect from the upcoming series.

Returning to His Iconic Role

When asked about returning to the role of Red Forman on ‘That 90s Show’, Kurtwood Smith expressed his excitement at the opportunity. “It’s always a special experience to revisit a character that has meant so much to both myself and the fans,” he said. “Red Forman is a unique character with a lot of depth, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to explore new aspects of his personality in the 90s setting.”

Exploring a New Decade

‘That 70s Show’ was beloved for its portrayal of the 1970s, and ‘That 90s Show’ aims to capture the essence of the next decade. Kurtwood Smith shared his thoughts on the transition, “The 90s were a very different time, with its own set of cultural and social changes. It’s fascinating to see how the characters we know and love from the 70s navigate this new era, and I think fans will enjoy the nostalgic trip down memory lane.”

Working with the New Cast

In addition to reprising his role, Kurtwood Smith is excited to work with the new cast members of ‘That 90s Show’. “It’s always refreshing to collaborate with a new group of talented individuals,” he said. “The chemistry between the original cast and the new additions has been fantastic, and I can’t wait for audiences to see the dynamic relationships on screen.”

Connectivity to the Original Series

Fans of ‘That 70s Show’ will be pleased to know that ‘That 90s Show’ will maintain a strong connection to the original series. Kurtwood Smith explained, “We are making sure to honor the legacy of ‘That 70s Show’ while also creating something fresh and exciting for both old and new viewers. There will be plenty of references and Easter eggs for the dedicated fans to enjoy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will ‘That 90s Show’ premiere?

A: ‘That 90s Show’ is set to premiere in the fall of 2022.

Q: Will all of the original cast members be returning?

A: While not all original cast members will be returning, many familiar faces will make appearances throughout the series.

Q: What can fans expect from the new series?

A: Fans can expect plenty of nostalgia, humor, and heartwarming moments as the characters navigate the challenges of the 90s.


As Kurtwood Smith prepares to bring Red Forman back to the small screen in ‘That 90s Show’, fans eagerly anticipate the return of the beloved character in a new decade. With the promise of nostalgia, humor, and new adventures, the upcoming series is sure to capture the hearts of both old and new audiences.

kurtwood smith cane that 90s show
Kurtwood Smith, the actor known for his role as Red Forman on the beloved sitcom “That 70s Show,” recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his iconic role on the show. The actor reflected on the impact of the show and how it has become a cult classic since its debut in the late 90s. Smith expressed gratitude for being a part of such a successful and beloved project and acknowledged the show’s enduring popularity.

Smith discussed the character of Red Forman, a no-nonsense father with a heart of gold, and how he was able to bring life to the character. He admitted that he initially had reservations about taking on the role, as he was concerned about being typecast as a grumpy father figure. However, he found ways to infuse humor and depth into the character, making Red Forman a fan favorite.

The actor also shared some behind-the-scenes stories from the set of “That 70s Show,” including his close relationship with his co-stars and the fun they had filming the show. Smith revealed that the cast and crew had a great rapport and that their chemistry translated into the show’s success. He also mentioned that he still keeps in touch with some of his former cast mates and has fond memories of their time together on set.

Smith acknowledged the impact of “That 70s Show” on pop culture and its influence on subsequent TV shows. He noted that the show’s humor and timeless themes have resonated with audiences of all ages, making it a memorable and enduring sitcom. He also expressed pride in being a part of a show that has left such a lasting legacy.

Looking back on his time on “That 70s Show,” Smith expressed gratitude for the opportunities it brought him and the lifelong connections he made. He also mentioned that he continues to be recognized for his role as Red Forman and is touched by the love and support he still receives from fans of the show. Smith’s portrayal of Red Forman has left a lasting impression on audiences and solidified his place in TV history.

In conclusion, Kurtwood Smith’s interview with Entertainment Weekly showcased his appreciation for his iconic role on “That 70s Show” and the impact the show has had on his career. The actor’s reflections on his time on the show shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics and the enduring legacy of the beloved sitcom. Smith’s portrayal of Red Forman has left an indelible mark on TV history and continues to be celebrated by fans of the show. kurtwood smith cane that 90s show