Life Annex of Home Exterior with the Help of Power Washing

Life Annex of Home Exterior with the Help of Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is the use of a machine and a wand to spray surfaces with high-pressure H2O and other chemicals. When you are preparing to paint, stain or decorate any area of your home, this is an essential first step. The paint will not stick to the surface if it isn’t cleaned properly before painting. Power washing is a process that cleans and prepares surfaces for painting. It removes dirt, mold, mildew and pollen. Most chalking can be removed by power washing. Chalking refers to the natural breakdown of paints skin from ultraviolet rays.

The right pressure washer will make exterior painting projects easier. Any surface can be cleaned with the right pressure, even wood. The right nozzle will ensure that the water is applied at the correct angle and fan trajectory to each surface. Experienced Power Washing Nashville and painting contractors can prevent etching or wand marks from occurring. This is possible due to excessive pressure being applied at an incorrect angle.

Peripheral Power Washing

Many times, exteriors have mold, mildew and pollen. These must be removed before applying quality paint. Many homes will have cobwebs in their corners. Most of the cobwebs and wasp colonies will be removed during the power wash. However, some might stick so it is up to the painter to remove them manually before applying paint.

Power washing will remove paint chips from your home, but it will not remove all peeling or chips. Over-Pressure Washing Nashville or pressure applied too close to the surface can cause damage. Once dry, the painter can remove any paint chips from the ground. A good painter will also walk around your property looking for any paint chips that might have fallen on the roof, landscape, or mulch beds during the power washing. It can be difficult to power wash away stains. Power washing won’t remove all stains from your home. Some stains are caused by years of weathering. These stains can be covered with two coats or fresh paint to make the house look brand new.

Best option for Fences and Decks

Power washing is a great option for cleaning fences and decks. To penetrate wood fibers, decks can be power washed using bleach or deck brightener. This will remove old stain and brighten the grey wood fibers that have been affected by sun, foot traffic and sitting rainwater. Due to fences being close to ground and vegetation, mildew can often form. These mildews can be removed by power washing, which will rejuvenate any wood’s appearance.


Tri-sodium phosphate, water and bleach are the best and most commonly used chemicals for exterior washing. There are other specialty chemicals, but these will do the job for most projects. Many chemicals are organic, which means they do not cause harm to landscaping, plants, or lawns. The bleach is so heavily diluted in water that it should feel like a spring storm to shrubs and landscaping.

An Effective Guide on How to Pressure Wash Your House

It takes a while for a house to dry after a power washing. This depends on how much humidity is present, the weather conditions and the temperature. Most homes can be painted in one day after power washing. However, it is best to have a quote for the job and walk the homeowner through the timeline.

A home’s exterior can easily be power washed for a relatively inexpensive price to remove dirt and mildew. The exterior paint will last longer if this cleaning is done regularly. Customers often think that their house needs a new coat. However, a simple power wash can achieve the same result and prolong the life of the existing paint job. Instead of making the homeowner spend unnecessary money, an honest and skilled painting contractor will tell them.


A turnkey painting quote should include power washing. If a painter doesn’t want to power wash their home before painting, they are not doing the right thing and will not be able to guarantee that the paint stays on for a long time. It is crucial to ensure that exterior paint jobs last for a long time by doing the right preparation and Power Washing Nashville (power wash). This information is great for maintaining exterior appearance. It should be easy if you choose a professional residential paint contractor.