Residential and Commercial: Electric Door Repair 101

Door Repair

Electric or automatic gates have revolutionized properties, providing enhanced safety, peace of mind, and convenience for residential and commercial property owners.

But like other mechanic systems, electric gates need maintenance regularly and might face issues occasionally that necessitate repairs.

Signs that an Electric Gate Requires Repair

Electric gates are an important safety measure whether installed on a business or personal property. They act as a preventative and deterrent measure, preventing you from having access to your premises. When installing an electric gate, installers should make you understand how regular maintenance is crucial.

Unfortunately, some people are unsure which signs to look for and continue using their electric gages, thinking everything is okay. Not servicing your electric gate at least two times a year can result in major disruptions or, even worse, cause injury and death if mechanisms malfunction. Some of the key signs that show you need electric gate repair include the following:

  • An accident happens
  • Stiffness or slow-moving
  • Unusual sounds
  • Worn appearance

Why Repair Your Electric Gate

First, installing an electric gate is expensive, so you would want it to function for a long time. In addition, this isn’t a regular gate. The structure has very specific details that need a lot of attention, like the gate operator/machine, the track, and the gate itself.

For gate operators, because an electric gate is hydraulic or an electronic device, issues might arise if not used properly. The track and gate structure can be subjected to climate and weather changes, like rainstorms and intense heat.

Photo worker using bubble level after plastic window installation indoors

Repair Cost

The cost of repairing an electric gate depends on the problem and how long a technician will take to fix the issue.

In addition, you must factor in the cost of replacing parts depending on what you need to be repaired. On average, gate repair companies charge between $55 and $110, while hourly rates range from $70 to $90.

Who is Liable for Electric Gate Repairs?

It is important for a qualified and experienced professional to carry out reparation of electric gages. Trying to repair them without the required skills and knowledge may result in irreparable motor damage and risk the safety of other people.

This is why it is important to contact a reputable company specializing in electric gates to guarantee your system’s safety and provide you with quality reparation service.

Troubleshooting Methods for Electric Gage Repairs

Once a professional technician identifies the underlying causes of an electric gate problem, they will employ the right troubleshooting methods to solve that issue. Some of these techniques include:

  • Professional assistance: Ideal for severe or complex issues.
  • Track cleaning: Helps to clean the electric gate’s tracks from leaves and dirt.
  • Component replacement: Suitable when specific parts are faulty, like sensors, control board, or motor.
  • Wiring check: Examines wiring connections and ascertains they are connected securely.
  • Realignment: Adjust the gate’s positions and corresponding parts to ascertain proper functioning.

Electric gate issues are frustrating. However, with proper approaches and knowledge, you will confidently address them with the help of a professional technician specializing in troubleshooting and repairing electric gates.