Residential Electrical Trends for 2023

Residential Electrical Trends for 2023

Some dramatic changes are expected to continue throughout 2023 for what is possible and what you may call your electrician for. With electricity prices becoming so volatile, it’s made many homeowners think about how they receive and consume electricity.

How we charge

This has been ongoing for quite a while, and we may start seeing the end of the typical electrical outlet. As many consumers are charging their electronics via USB cables and nontraditional plugs, it’s leading to designs with USB outlets as the preferred choice of charging. Wiring, in general, will need to change to accommodate this new type of charging and the prioritization of how the wiring is placed in new buildings in the first place, from electrical wiring to cabling for data and the internet.

Smart Homes

Already becoming more popular year over year, we’re seeing more homes becoming smart homes. Having the right electrician can help set up a smart home from the ground up or retrofit an existing home.

This isn’t just a thermostat that knows when to turn off the HVAC system when an optimal temperature is hit. It’s more about setting the proper lighting when a certain time is reached or when people enter the room, having your home theater system fully connected, your appliances accessible via mobile or remote, and many other components to help build a full smart home of optimization and convenience.

Green Energy

How we get our energy these days is a big topic, especially with events that occurred in the past years. Solar and other types of renewable energy are becoming more commonplace. Therefore, having an experienced electrician to ensure the right setup and connectivity will help go a long way toward optimal output.

This is also a shift in how we get our heat and hot water through electrical energy versus more traditional oil and gas. It can even get to the point of having storage batteries to collect Deerfield Beach excess energy to be used as needed.

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Complex and sophisticated lighting options

LED lighting is going to get a lot more commonplace as well in 2023. First, they are an excellent option when it comes to being energy efficient. Whether it’s through LED bulbs or LED strips to provide enhanced lighting scenarios, not only will they help with the monthly utility bills and sustainability, but they will also be controlled by your smartphone, adding to the smart home feature and trends that we’re seeing.

Your local electrician is ready to serve you

At McCall Electric, we like to stay on top of the trends, and as a licensed and insured electrician, we will be happy to offer you the options above and many more. We like to work with our clients on an individual basis, with full transparency, so that you are fully aware of the task at hand, and our approach to getting it done right, the first time. So feel free to reach out and drop us a line when you’re next in need of an electrician.