The Convenience of a Full-Service Packing and Moving Package

The Convenience of a Full-Service Packing and Moving Package

Whether you have been moving before or are changing places for the first time, you might notice a dip in your enthusiasm for it as your move-in date approaches.

Changing homes is stressful and time-consuming, so there is nothing wrong with skipping the hassle and simply enjoying your first days at the new place without a muscle hangover and being mentally drained.

Sounds good? A full-service packing and moving package will offer you that convenience, and we will explore exactly what you can expect from packing companies.

What to expect from a packing and moving service?

When opting for full-service packing and moving, you must let the packing company know when you need to move, and they will plan everything for you. Depending on your property size and preference, the move could be made in a day, several days or even more.

The packing company will take care of safely packing and loading your belongings, offer secure transportation, and then quickly unload and unpack your items so that you can settle in easily. The pros will handle all the physical work during the entire process, so you won’t have to do anything.

What exactly do the teams do?

The packing company teams are in charge of the following:

  • Supplying and disposing of packing materials – The moving teams will supply high-quality packing boxes, tape, cushioning and other necessary materials needed to pack and load your belongings safely. The moving team will also remove any packing materials after the move is complete.
  • Packing – The packing service teams will take on the task of properly organising and safely packing boxes with your belongings, securing each box with bubble wrap or another type of safe filler to keep the contents of the boxes in place and secure them for the loading, moving and unloading.
  • Disassembling and assembling furniture – Any furniture that cannot fit into the truck will be carefully disassembled, securely packed and then re-assembled completely by the removal packing service team once your belongings arrive at the new location.
  • Loading and unloading – The house packing service team will safely load all boxes, appliances, furniture and other items onto the truck. Your items will be secured in the truck, and upon arrival, the teams will unload everything safely for you.
  • Transportation – No matter where you’re relocating, full-service moving will include transporting your belongings safely to your new location.
  • Unpacking – Packing and moving companies can free up even more of your time by unpacking your items under your guidance.
  • Installing appliances – Upon unpacking, the packing team will install any appliances unless they are hardwired. Sometimes, the company will even offer you the option to turn your appliances on, which you must agree upon and sign in advance.

What to expect if you do the moving yourself

When moving, you can expect lower costs and flexibility, especially regarding local, short-distance moves and a small number of packing boxes for hauling.

You are responsible for packing boxes with your belongings at your own pace and can pack them however you want. You can also choose to combine DIYing with a service or helpers if needed.

On the other hand, all planning will be your responsibility. This could be very time-consuming and stressful, especially if you need to move overnight or have many other responsibilities and a tight schedule.

Also, packing boxes and then loading, moving, unloading and unpacking them can be exhausting unless you hire additional help or your buddies come over to help. Many items and long-distance moves could turn out expensive if you’re DIYing.

Additionally, when moving, you risk having your items damaged if they have not been properly packed or stacked in the vehicle.

If you’re moving for the first time ever or you need to move quickly, far or transport large amounts of items, using full-service packing and moving is highly recommended since your belongings are insured and handled by professionals.

What are the benefits of professional packing and moving service

Choosing a professional packing service has many benefits, but we will look at 6 of the best ones.


With packing and moving services, you don’t have to take time hauling, researching packing supplies and methods, loading and unloading the truck, and then unpacking everything again.

Packing and moving companies will care for you, allowing you to focus on settling in. Packing teams do this for a living, so they will do it much more quickly and efficiently than if you have to deal with it.


No need to stress over packing in time and packing properly or picking the right size truck. Experienced removal packing services do the planning to take that load off your mind and hands. Experienced professional teams organising, safely packing and handling the boxes with your belongings will offer you peace of mind.

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All the right tools, equipment and packing materials

Packing and moving companies always have well-equipped personnel to ensure a quality, safe packing and removal service for your belongings. High-quality boxes, safe cushioning, strong tape, and the necessary disassembling and moving tools are all supplied.


Sometimes things go wrong, even for the best of professionals. For such possibilities, though, any good packing company will offer insurance for your items in advance. Your belongings are insured if the packing company is packing the boxes.


House packing services deal with moving on a daily basis, and their teams know how to handle all types of items securely and move them in a timely manner.

Decreased risk

As a result of the professionalism, experience and job-appropriate equipment of mover teams, your items are safe during any stage of the moving process.

What will not be packed as part of such a service?

Due to legal reasons or company policy, there are things your packing company will be reluctant to pack and move.

Such items include:

  • Hazardous materials – Items that are explosive, toxic or flammable, such as fireworks, ammunition, fire extinguishers, and gasoline, to name a few, pose a high risk and are among the items that your removal service would not pack.
  • Items in very poor condition – Companies will generally refuse to pack items which pests may infest or could spread disease or mould during transportation or storage.
  • High-value items. Whether it’s an item of high-sentimental value or a substantial material one, it may require additional care when packed and transported. You should first notify your company of such items. Cash and jewellery will generally not be packed.
  • Perishable goods. Most companies simply won’t take the risk of moving food and plants long-distance. Regarding short-distance relocating, you could inquire with your removal packing service company.
  • Items over the weight limit. Packing companies might refuse to pack some very heavy items.


Whether you need to move far or fast or simply need a helping hand, consider using professional packing assistance. Choosing a quality house packing service from a trusted company will set your schedule free and put your mind at ease.