The Importance of Site Lighting

The Importance of Site Lighting

Dark evenings, dark mornings, and general lack of enough sunlight can have a huge impact on your working environment. You should note that poor lighting can put your construction workers at risk and can affect their productivity. Therefore, you need to make sure that the work on-site continues efficiently and safely during times of reduced or low natural light.

You need to hire emergency lighting and artificial lighting from Lakeside Hire so that there is enough light for individual tasks as well as general movement around the work site. This page discusses the importance of site lighting.

The Benefits of Site Lighting

Some studies have indicated that vision is a dominant sense in a person. People usually receive most of their information via their sense of sight. Therefore, you need to make sure that your work site is properly lit to make the tasks easier to do. Besides, site lighting is a crucial safety consideration.

An employer has legal responsibilities to make sure that lighting is safe for site contractors, employees, and any person who visits their premises. Workplace lighting needs to allow people to assess risks and spot hazards. It should also offer enough light for the site and task, enable people to see properly, not cause flicker or glare, meet any special needs of a person, be positioned to allow safe replacement or maintenance, and many more.

It’s worth mentioning that construction has the highest incidents of work-related injuries and even fatalities when compared to many other industries that have similar activities. Poor lighting can increase the risks of on-site accidents happening because the potential hazards are usually not easily seen.

Why Lighting Is The Most Important Design Feature

Inadequate lighting can also have an effect on health, leading to eye strain, migraines, headaches, eye discomfort, and fatigue. Worse still, poor lighting can have a significant impact on your business costs when it comes to time off work because of accidents, increased absenteeism, injuries, and reduced productivity.

As you can see, poor lighting can have various impacts on your business. The good news is that you can reduce such risks by making sure that you have the proper site lighting for your business.

Sourcing Temporary Artificial Lighting

There are various types of site lighting, such as portable LED site lights and festoon lighting. The amount of light you need for your site can depend on the type of task you intend to do. For example, very detailed tasks can require you to get brighter lighting.

The size of the area can also affect the type of site lighting you have to hire. You may need to get a combination of site lighting solutions for your work environment. This includes lighting for safe general movement and lighting for specific tasks.

You should also consider a power source. Ideally, you need to have easy access to the power source. But if you don’t have a good power source, then you may need to source a portable generator. Take note that you should only use a generator in areas that have good ventilation. Alternatively, you can also consider using a rechargeable solution.