Things to Consider When Installing Your Garage Floor

Things to Consider When Installing Your Garage Floor

The garage is such a critical space that if well done, you’ll be sorted. This is where you park your car, store your stuff and have a workshop. You can also use it for entertainment depending on the design and the space. You therefore must ensure the flooring is done perfectly, using strong materials so that there’s reduced tear and wear and keep up its appearance. Flooring can change that utilitarian slab to some inviting space where you can spend hours relaxing. Several materials are available like epoxy, sealers or paint and so many other new options.

Are you looking to upgrade your garage floor? Here are five things you must consider.

How Will My Garage Look?

You could try some durable concrete coating in your garage for an instant improvement of the appearance. You’ve so many color shades available that would match the cabinets in the garage and your home’s exterior. Flakes systems for example will give you a variety of color options. Such will give you a natural feel of your floor while hiding the imperfections which are often so pronounced. Cleaning is easy and maintenance is minimal.  Thinks also about UV-resistant concrete coatings which are excellent in protecting your garage from damage and prolonging its lifespan.

The Floor’s Durability

Epoxy coatings for instance will last even for 5 years depending on the quality of the product and the preparation level before it’s installed. A high-quality coating can stand up to oil, and gas and it’s an antifreeze. So you don’t have to worry if you’re living in cold snowy areas.

Does It Add Value To My Garage?

Some concrete or epoxy coating on your garage floor can add significant value to your garage space. Think of how you can add value to your garage by installing a premium coating. Such floor finish allows you to stand out from the crowd when buyers come. The cost of installation for epoxy or Penntek evolution system will be higher than the rest but will be more durable and its value will increase.

Is There A Warranty?

Most epoxy dealers don’t offer a warranty and therefore you’ve to be careful when committing. Get one that will give you at least a 2-year warranty. That confirms to you that they are sure the quality of their work is top-notch. Anyone who isn’t willing to give a warranty is probably not sure of the durability of the materials or their workmanship. You can also try polyurea coatings that make a chemical bond with concrete and that makes your garage floor so strong.

What’s The Cost of Flooring?

Epoxy flooring can cost $3-6 per square foot. That’s quite affordable. Others like Polyurea cost up to $9 per square meter. Therefore your budget is what will determine the kind of flooring you go for.  The price of installation will also depend on the type of repairs to be done and any removal of existing coatings. Remember, this is your home and thus you must consider the overall value it adds to your home and its lifespan.

The quick cure times and precise measurements require a professional to do the flooring. The expert prepares the floor and here they use industrial grinders to open up poles on the concrete. Get a Vancouver garage epoxy flooring installation professional to help you fix your garage floor. They will give you the best and affordable service.