Three Mistakes to Avoid with Garden Lighting

Summer is nearly here and we all know that it’s the season of hosting family and friends and letting parties run on into the evening. So, when the sun goes down and the evening wears on, the party is only over when the lights go out! When creating the perfect lit garden, here are three mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Plan and Compare

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Garden design requires planning. Get to know your garden areas and what you want each part of the garden for. That will give you a better idea of the kind of lighting you need to shop for. For example, there are dimmer lights available for ambience and brighter lights available for outdoor cooking and other purposes in your garden hosting.

Not Checking Features

Lights are smarter than ever before so be sure to take advantage of that when planning which lights you want to buy and install in your garden and around your exteriors. For example, a really bright white light is best for your driveway whilst ambient lantern lights are best for social areas. If you want less leads and more options, be sure to look for solar powered lights. Dimmer switches and remotes are also useful too.

Failing to Consider Colour

White light and yellow light offer very different hues and create very different moods. Some people like to mix and match different coloured lights in their garden design but others like them all to be the same. If you’re incorporating different lights into different areas of your garden, make sure you consider whether you’d like similar colours or not.

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