Tips for Transforming a House Into a Home

Tips for Transforming a House Into a Home

Moving into a new place is a stressful and exciting experience. After you’ve hauled all your furniture and clothing, gotten your new set of keys, and done a final clean sweep of your old house, the last item on your list is to settle in. Here are some tips for ways that you can transition your house into a loving home.

Downsize Before You Upsize

If you think you’re guilty of overpacking, you’re not alone. Why buy something new when you might already own something you could use? However, if you can pare down on your stuff even before or during your move, you’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to setting up your new place.

Take stock of any items or furniture that might not fit into your new life. Is there anything half-broken that you haven’t been able to get rid of in the past? How about unused gifts or broken appliances? Maybe you own something that, no matter how sentimental, just won’t fit into your new house.

A general rule for decluttering is that anything you haven’t used within the last year should be considered to get cut. Your new home is an opportunity for a new start, so try to get rid of anywhere from a quarter to half of your old belongings. Trash items that are completely out of repair. If there’s an opportunity for it to be reused, bring it to your local consignment or charity shop.

Finding this process difficult and sentimental is completely normal. But if you get serious about setting up your new space for success, this hard work will put the odds in your favor. Your move will be easier and you’ll put yourself in a peaceful growth mindset.

Get the Light Right

Pay close attention to the way light moves in your home. Are your windows south or east-facing? How much natural light do you get? Light is one of the best ways to make a space feel comfortable. There’s a big difference between sunlight, warm lightbulbs, and fluorescents. To get a sense of how light enters and fills your space, consider Googling local window cleaning services in your area.

Plan window dressings and lighting fixtures in your new home. Ask yourself what you want this space to convey and what the mood should be. If you’re going for “light and breezy,” pick gauzy drapes that let light in and minimal floor lamps. If you’re going for “sophisticated and scholarly”, use blackout curtains and sparse, warm light sources. Whatever choices feel most natural to you will help you feel at home in your new spot.

Personal Touches

Highlight the main living spaces of your home with art and photos that are specific and personal to you. Photos and images give the space a sense of personality and can be a source of comfort for you. For a cheap and fun gallery wall, thrift some old picture frames for your photos. Paint them all the same color to make them look like one cohesive set. Mount them on your wall in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing to you.

If you want to take your space to the next level, consider having custom canvas prints made. Whether you choose to print a favored piece of art or a family portrait, this elevated piece adds a great element of personal flair and helps you feel truly settled in.

Share the Space

Once (most) of your boxes have been unpacked and put away, throw yourself a housewarming party or dinner. Whether you have tons of outdoor space for a fun cookout or a small table just big enough for cheese and a bottle of wine, there’s no better way to fully feel that space belongs to you than to fill it with family and friends that you love. Start making those new memories and taking pictures.

Your favorite memories of your previous home have nothing to do with the walls or the staircase or the rooms, but with the love and laughter, you filled the space with. Take the opportunity to introduce your loved ones to your house (and vice versa) to start building a strong relationship with your new home.

Turning a house into a home is the last and possibly hardest part of the long process of moving. These tips are the perfect tools you need to help you finally feel settled into your beautiful new home.