Tips On Choosing The Best Wood Signs For Your Home

Wood signs are a great way to add a dash of character and panache to any home. Rather than hanging up a random painting that you likely don’t know the meaning of, wood signs are a simple and tasteful addition that can be hung in any room. Whether you decide to create a custom order for a sign from a marketplace like Esty, or purchase a ready-made sign from a shop, these decorative pieces come in many different shapes and sizes with custom lettering, quotes, phrases, and more.

With the abundance of wood signs in the market, it isn’t hard to stumble upon a piece you’d like to add to your home. In fact, sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide which sign you want out of all the available choices. Here are some tips on how decorate the rooms in your house, along with ideas on how to find the piece that is just right for both you and your home.

Best Wood

Simple Words and Phrases

Imagine walking into a home of a friend or a new acquaintance and being greeted by beautiful signs sharing kind words of love and acceptance as soon as you enter the front door, immediately feeling at ease by the warmth and comfort that the home provides. Nothing feels better than feeling at home in someone else’s house, and being able to provide this kind of atmosphere for a friend or loved one is essential in creating an inviting home. If you’re the kind of person who often likes to invite guests over, this is something to keep in mind when decorating. Wood signs with words and phrases that emit feelings of love and safety, such as “gather here with grateful hearts” and even simple words such as “peace and love” on a wood sign can be a great addition to any home.

Book Quotes

We all have a favorite book, whether it’s a book that we recently read and just can’t get out of our heads or a loving tale from our early childhood days. Perhaps even now you yourself are a parent and have a bedtime story that you often find yourself reading to your child at night. Certain stories resonate within our hearts, and these words can be a memorable addition to any home. A favorite page can be pulled from a child’s favorite book and placed on the wall in their bedroom, or wherever is close to where you as a family choose to read bedtime stories. A bookshelf or a reclaimed wood table top that you store your books on can also be an excellent spot to place a wood sign like these.

Signs as Reminders

Sometimes, as in life, we need signs to help us remind us of our truths and important beliefs. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, we need signs to inspire us and remind us that we are strong and can endure whatever the world throws at us. If the kitchen and the dining table are a place for family and gathering, it can be a wonderful idea to hang signs depicting words from scripture, or words of love and grace. In a room, such as a work office or a child’s desk, rooms where one needs to stay concentrated, signs with words of wisdom can serve as helpful reminders. In the bedroom, after a long, stressful day at work, creating a theme of love and relaxation can also serve as helpful reminders that in that room it is a place of comfort and a time to de-stress from the rest of the world.

Wood signs are simple but expressive and can be personalized for every single individual and every single home. Even in a house where the occupants may all have varying personalities and lifestyles, each room can be personalized to fit these differences. They are inexpensive and require little effort to hang up or place on a table, but the change in a room when a wood sign has been added can make a world of a difference. Remember to have fun and be creative when designing your home with wood signs, because the options are limitless.