Top 10 Terrace Tile Trends to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Top 10 Terrace Tile Trends to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Imagine a scenario where you have organised a party or get together at your place, so the interiors of your house are aligned, but the moment the party shifts to the terrace, it’s a complete disaster. Of course you wouldn’t want that, that’s why you need to pay some attention to the terrace tiles as well. 

Terraces are often the most useful yet overlooked area of the house. Hence, it is essential to pay some attention to their designing as well, and provide a makeover with the right terrace tiles. Before you start looking out for suitable options and overwhelm yourself, to avoid that confusion here are a few points that you need to look for while choosing the right terrace tiles for your space. 

  • Install cool roof tiles 
  • Durability of material 
  • Anti-skid and water resistant tiles
  • Colour should not fade away with exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Light-weight tiles as to not add extra weight on the roof 
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy cleaning and installation 
  • Versatile designs of terrace tiles 
  • Overall theme of your house
  • Terrace tiles to endure high footfall 
  • Check for the porosity of the tiles
  • Ensure the thickness is optimum 
  • Choose the right size of tiles depending on the available space

What are Cool Roof Tiles?

One of the most important aspects to look for while selecting the terrace tiles is to look for cool roof tiles. Even before you decide the theme, design, style, and size of terrace tiles, ensure that you are installing cool roof tiles. 

These tiles are designed especially for terrace space to keep the roof temperature cool. These tiles are specially designed to reflect the harmful UV and solar rays, and keep the temperature of the room regulated. 

Benefits of Cool Roof Tiles

  • Keeps the temperature regulated
  • Reflects back harmful UV and solar rays
  • Thickness of tiles (8, 10, and 20 mm) to maintain temperature
  • Durable material 
  • Vitrified coated tiles 
  • Anti-skid, and water resistant 

Trends for Terrace Tiles

Here are some of the common trends that you can consider while selecting terrace tiles for your space. 

Natural Stone Tiles

While choosing the perfect fit for terrace tiles, you can try and keep it very natural with stone tiles. These are ceramic tiles, highly durable and water resistant making them a perfect fit for terrace tiles. 

Further these tiles add a warmth and raw finish to your terrace which is very much in trend and makes your terrace space appear welcoming. 

Here you can explore the terrace tiles by H&R Johnson in the regular size and select your style. 

Wooden Effect Tiles

Installing wooden effect tiles for terrace is another trend that has been observed quite a lot lately. This provides a natural, and nature-inspired feel to your terrace. Additionally these terrace tiles provide you an old, vintage and wooden cabin in the middle of a jungle feeling for an enhanced and relaxing feel. 

You can explore the Johnson Endura collection by H&R Johnson for more reference and select the right fit for your terrace. 

Large Format Tiles

If you have a large space available for your terrace you can install large format tiles and make the space appear more breathable and open. This provides an illusion of a much larger available space. 

However, there is a concern with large size tiles that the installation process might not be easy and the cleaning process will take more time. Here you can experiment with different patterns to add some extra texture to your terrace. If not, then you can keep it simple with large size tiles in basic shades. Explore the H&R Johnson collection of large size tiles for more reference. 

Pattern Tiles 

Add some pattern to your terrace by introducing these pattern terrace tiles and make it a creative & artistic place. A getaway place where you can come and relax after a hectic day at work. 

These pattern terrace tiles will add some volume to your terrace and make it appear elegant, modern and comfortable. H&R Johnson consists of a wide range of pattern tiles available for your reference to be installed as terrace tiles. 

Chessboard Tiles 

If you don’t want to experiment with any new trends and want to play it safe, go with the most basic and traditional style of adding chessboard tiles. These terrace tiles have never been out of style and have always been enhancing the look of your otherwise plain and simple terrace with some texture and structure. 

With the H&R Johnson collection you can explore this trend and give some structure to your terrace. 

Grey Cement Tiles

Adding plain grey cement-like tiles  is another evergreen trend that you can still follow for your terrace tiles. 

Further if you browse the H&R Johnson collection of terrace tiles, you will find grey cement tiles which can offer you balcony and terrace space a raw, minimal look while making it appear aesthetically pleasing at the same time. These grey cement tiles can accentuate the terrace space making it appear even bigger than it actually is. 

Hexagonal Tiles

Adding hexagonal terrace tiles can accentuate the look of your terrace if you have a larger space available. These geometric patterns will fill up the space and make the terrace space look more organised, and clean. This will add some volume to your terrace and provide an illusion of filling up the space, which is fulfilling and warm feeling. 

Explore the ceramic tiles by H&R Johnson for hexagonal tiles in natural stone line texture and regular patterns. 

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta terrace tiles, yet another timeless trend that can be adopted for a clean, effortless and low-maintenance style. Also this offers a warm feeling to your terrace making it a more welcoming place for you and your guest & family. 

Alternate Patterns

Experiment with adding two different patterns and create a different terrace look. Here you can add contrasting pattern terrace tiles and let them fill up the space of your terrace. H&R Johnson collection of durable ceramic tiles will provide you endless possibilities for this trend. 

Mix and Match 

If you want to make your terrace a stand out point, you can try this trend and add pattern tiles with plain terrace tiles. This will create an illusion of having a bigger space as two different tiles will be present. This can be a game changer if you have a small terrace space. 

Further you can also add cool roof tiles for terrace tiles and keep the temperature regulated for your space. These cool-roof tiles are available in a glaze vitrified section which makes them more durable and sturdy to endure the extreme weather conditions. Additionally, these tiles have special properties to reflect the sun radiation, and can radiate the sun rays faster than other tiles making them a perfect fit for terrace tiles. 


From the above discussion it can be concluded that installation of terrace tiles is necessary, just that few points need to be considered such as installation of cool roof tiles. These cool roof tiles are available in different thickness, designs, and styles in the H&R Johnson collection of terrace tiles. 

Try visiting the experience centre established by the brand for more information and experiencing firsthand the high quality of these highly affordable terrace tiles.