Top 3 Home Improvements To Get The Bang For Your Buck

1 Kitchen

The two main rooms in a home that can really sell the home is the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the two place most people spend their time. There’s a lot of action that takes place which means they want to make sure there’s enough space, storage, and charm.

The best place for you to invest your money is in Save for updating the countertops. Not the fake laminate that seems to be in every kitchen, but the real stuff! Like Quartz, Granite, or Cement. It is worth the money because they’ll stand the test of time, wear and tear.

Make sure you also update the flooring. The amount home Improvements of traffic that will go in and out and around a kitchen can make a floor look older faster than it really is.

And last but not least, update your ONLINE appliances! These are items that usually sell with the house so it’s in your best interest to invest in high quality in the beginning. Use them, then sell them with the house. No one wants to pack, store, and move appliances anyway. This purchase will be a sure win.

2 Bathroom

Here is the second most tracked through place in a home and the second most important room to have updated when looking to sell by flipping. Having a large bathroom is a luxury but it’s not a must. If you have a home with a tiny bathroom, just get creative with your space. As long as you have room for a toilet, sink, and shower, you can make it desirable.

You solve the first issue which is updating all and any plumbing including faucets that are out of date. Find a way to create storage for a small bathroom. If your bathroom is fairly large, storage is still something home buyers are looking for.

Last but not least, the update the flooring. Not only will this room have high traffic, but it will endure a whole new world of disasters. The flooring needs to be able to take a hit again and again and still look good. Accomplish this and you’ll get your investment back I assure you!

3 Roof

And third on the list is roofing. This is an area that most house flippers neglect because of the assumed upfront cost. When actually, the costs are usually similar to updating a bathroom and probably less than updating a kitchen depending on the current status of course. This is a task you won’t want to discover “how to” on Youtube. Make sure you just call a metal roof exporting company in Florida for a consultation and ask the professionals to take care of your home.