Top Quality Baseboard Cleaner To Remove Wax And Grime

Top Quality Baseboard Cleaner To Remove Wax And Grime

If you are sensing that it is time to clean your baseboards due to the fact that the baseboards have an unsightly appearance from wax buildup that is now looking dingy or if there is a lot of dirt and grime that has collected on your baseboards, that seems difficult to remove, then you need to get AX-IT Aerosol Baseboard Cleaner/Stripper. This cleaner is designed mainly for cleaning jobs that are heavy duty. This product is noted as a fast-acting gel and cleans superiorly well while it strips away the grime and buildup that a regular floor machine cannot reach.

A Tremendous Difference

This product will make a tremendous difference in the look and cleanliness of your baseboards, most assuredly. This is strongly due to the fact that it is a top-quality product and treats the areas superiorly well. This product is impressive because it rapidly conducts the removal of several coatings of finish and wax on baseboards. But that is not the only thing that this product is suitable for, as this product is also great to use to remove dirt, grime, coatings, and wax from the surface of coves, floors, stairs, and various areas are noted as being difficult to reach.

A Gel That Is Stable For Deep Cleaning

The gel of this well-formulated baseboard cleaning product is significantly stable, which is why this product clings superbly to surfaces immediately when the product is applied. That means that the product is ready to clean the grime, dirt, coatings, and wax away from baseboards and other surfaces to make them look pristine the way you need them to be. This product comes in an aerosol formula that is easy to apply, making it an undeniably convenient product to use for various applications.

Simple To Use

Due to the provision of the valve that is inverted, this makes the product simple to use. As a result, it is easy to administer this product for many different types of surfaces that need extra cleaning power. When you use this product, you will be impressed with how well it cleans the surfaces you apply it to, which means that it will save you from scrub vigorously for an extended period. Indeed, this product dramatically cuts down on the intensity of your cleaning efforts and the time that it takes to complete the cleaning of your baseboards and other surfaces.


This product can be used on many different types of surfaces, such as baseboards and resilient tiles. Moreover, it can be applied to cove areas as well as stairs. Further, it can be applied to quarry surfaces as well as terrazzo surfaces. It is even ideal to use to clean mopping equipment as well as floor machines that have grime and buildup on them. The application of the product goes on accurately without a mess. The formula does not require any rinsing, and there is no alkaline residue that is left behind. In addition, this product has a pleasant scent.