What Is The Best Colour To Paint An Office For Productivity?

What Is The Best Colour To Paint An Office For Productivity?

An ideal office in Brisbane is meant to be run at its optimal efficiency. There is always an emphasis on the productivity of the team and the management will take all sorts of measures to enhance it. There are many ways to do so and choosing the right colour scheme to create an ideal work atmosphere is one of them. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your Brisbane Painter has a big role to play in the productivity of your office.

Office Interior Colours & Productivity

Colour has a profound impact on human productivity. Different colours affect different centres in your mind and body. For example, yellow affects emotions, blue affects the mind, green affects balance, and red affects the body. A combination of these colours can affect your behaviour.

It is not just the choice of colour that affects human behaviour. The intensity of colour also affects it. While a bright and strong colour helps stimulate, a low-saturation colour causes a soothing effect.

Best Colours to Paint Your Office

When discussing the best paint colours with your Brisbane painter, you must consider the following options for enhanced office productivity. The same principles of colours hold for a home office too:

Blue – The Most Productive Colour

Blue is generally considered the most productive colour, but that is a general oversimplification. It is suited in many office environments, but not in all of them. If your work requires stimulation of the mind for achieving optimal productivity, blue can be just the right colour for your office. For example, accountants engage in mind-work all day. It is also recommended to add an element of emotion to the environment by adding a few touches of orange.

While you will not paint your office orange, some pops of it can enhance the environment. It can help inspire employees whenever they feel a little sluggish. Adding a bowl of fruit on a table or orange lamps may be all that is required to include elements of orange.

Red – Impacts Physical Body

Red is another stimulating colour, especially for the physical body. If your business requires its employees to be active, this is the colour for your office. It is important to not overdo it. Remember, overstimulation can also translate into anger.

Yellow – Stimulates Emotions

If you have a home office where you develop applications, write books, or design architectural structures, you should ask your House Painter Brisbane to paint it yellow. Yellow can be an excellent choice of colour for creative environments. It stimulates emotions and brings both productivity and joy into the workplace. It is also believed to be helpful with innovation and inspiration.

It is recommended to work little touches of green into the mix. It is a balanced and stable colour and a sign of vitality and life.

So when choosing the right colour for your work environment, you should determine the main colour. This will be based on what you want to impact the most – your mind, body, emotions or balance. It is also important to choose a certain hue of the colour. The choice will depend on achieving stimulating or soothing effects.