Understanding The Difference Between Duplex And Dual Occupancy Homes

The property of dual occupancy represents a typical property where the piece of land retains one title and has two types of dwellings that are constructed on it. The version of dual occupancy is alternatively known as multi-dwelling whereas, a duplex or ‘side-by-side’ house is a type of construction that has two features in the same area. With these, this arrangement brings upon maximum flexibility and a tendency of full potential returns from a land parcel. These types of properties are then consolidated under the same version of the title and then reaped for a better return on certain investments when compared to two separate houses.

We all have heard about the duplex and dual occupancy homes and if you are still scratching your head for the difference between duplex vs dual occupancy home designs and getting confused between its similarities in its difference, you have come to imbibe the right article.

Many times, people may refer to one as the other and this can complicate the matter in identifying the difference but pointing out in terms of which one is who is quite simple- One can narrow down it to these smaller things…

  • The title of the land is the biggest difference between each of these properties.

Learning the difference between duplex vs dual occupancy homes…

Starting with bifurcating the difference of a dual occupancy home is that it should be under a single land title. A dual occupancy home allows one to be more lenient as compared to its lot size of a duplex.

This even affects the pricing of a duplex with the list of a dual occupancy home. The cost evaluation of a duplex building would be costlier than that of a dual occupancy home. On the contrary, a dual occupancy project comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles. A dual occupancy builder has to fit all the features and comfort of a home into a compact and smaller sized land and space along with floor space of the property. The limitation of the space also means that one has to create a more prominent space for each resident. With that being jotted down, a dual occupancy designer also procures more benefits than others, just like building a secondary home i.e. a granny flat and it is because of its occupancy on a single land and its construction makes one rent the other occupancy on rent. The rent one acquires from a dual occupancy home is much higher than as one has to sublet a granny flat. When meeting certain criteria, subdividing dual occupancy homes is made possible and can be considered as to sell a dual occupancy home.

Understanding a duplex home

A single building, divided into two separate dwellings under one roof is known as a duplex. The main difference between a duplex and a dual occupancy home is its land flexibility. Since the duplex is under one land title, one can sell the homes altogether and it can also be set under two land titles. This means one can sell their homes separately. The construction of duplex requires a certain sized block and also a wide piece of land for a dual frontage such as corner block. The requirement of land is of a higher standard than a dual occupancy, hence, the price of buying land is a lot higher. Because of this, the purpose of constructing the duplex and design is costlier, duplexes usually go on higher rental for better income.

In conclusion to these:

There are rules that govern different property types is slight afferent from state and local council. These can easily confuse one for what classifies as duplex and dual occupancy. The design of the home can be similar or different between the duplex or dual occupancy. It is sometimes legally permissible for a land title that usually counts on defining the property type. If one is thinking of a building on a multi-dwelling property type on a single block of land. One should be assured to research the options that are available to them and as any browser would need more time and money to build a duplex, whereas, the dual occupancy house is more cost-effective but has limited options.

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