Unveiling the Truth: Will Your Homeowners Insurance Shield You from the Costs of Removing a Hazardous Tree?

Unveiling the Truth: Will Your Homeowners Insurance Shield You from the Costs of Removing a Hazardous Tree?

The 60-foot-tall Pine stands tall, towering over your entire property. In moderate windstorms it seems to sway 20 feet in any direction. Always creaking and hollowed by insects. Is this tree going to fall on my house? My car? My kids? Can insurance help me before disaster strikes?

It Would Be Cheaper For Them To Help Me Before It Falls, Right?

You are not wrong, It probably would be cheaper. Unfortunately, insurance is there to cover you after something bad happens. That said, insurance won’t help you take down that widow maker overshadowing your life.

Now What?

Well, the best way to prevent damage to your home is to take proactive action to remove any unnecessary risks from your life. Jump online to find the most reliable tree removal service in your area. If the tree is close to any property, it is vital to act. Cutting the tree will prevent any possible problems in the future. If the tree holds significance in your life. There may be other options. Call your arborist and they can give you some suggestions.

There Is A Big Storm Coming, I Don’t Have Time To Get A Pro. What Happens When This Tree Falls?

With hope and a prayer, nobody is hurt. Insurance may chip in $1,000 to clean up the tree debris. Typically, insurance will leave you hanging to care of this on your own, unless there are damages to the insured asset to be found. This obviously depends on your policy and may require you to pay the deductible.

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My House or Car is Destroyed!!

I have good news, and I have bad news. The bad news, your living room has a new water feature in it. The good news is, Insurance will take care of you. Call your adjuster as soon as you can. File your claim and they should be able to pay for your hotel, fix your house, and get rid of any debris. The same goes for your car. Even if your driveway is blocked and your personal property is unscathed, insurance can help you. They may even have a preferred clean-up company.

Insurance may help you in these situations but the best insurance against disaster is preventative planning. If you see a questionable tree, have its structure inspected. And remove it long before the windy season. If you lose a tree during a storm, it is almost certain that many others have too. Clean-up companies will increase their prices 3 or 4 times after a storm. Save your property, save your wallet. Cut that tree NOW!

My Valuable Tree Fell, Insurance Will Pay To Replace It Right?

 Probably not. Insurance will be very unlikely to help you replace that 100-year-old Black Walnut or that 200-year-old oak in the back yard. Trees get old, die, and fall. If you have a valuable tree or a small orchard and you need them protected. Consult with your local arborist on which trees may be vulnerable to high winds. An arborist will also be able to guide you on the best ways to shore up any oversized limbs to protect you during the next hurricane. You can also add your specific trees to your policy, but it will cost you.