Vida Mall: A Marvelous Project of the Location Development

Vida Mall: A Marvelous Project of the Location Development

Vida Mall, the New Administrative Project is one of the finest projects of the prestigious company Location Development. This company is well-known for its marvelous projects for decades. This company designed Vida Mall New Capital stores at the highest level to fascinate those who are keenly interested in investing in the real estate market.

Vida Mall is one of the strategic locations in the New Administrative Capital as it has been designed given the living landmarks in New Capital. It is located right at the heart of the Downtown Area, an extension of the government district. It is only minutes away from various recreational sites, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies.

Vida Mall is a token of modern architectural style to adorn the Down Town area in the New Administrative Capital. While reserving a Vida Mall unit, you’ll notice the excellence of this project as it commences an impressive and detailed architectural design. Vida Mall offers units for three types of activities:

  • Shops
  • Medical units
  • Administrative units

All types of units are available in varying areas to meet the requirements of investors so that they can satisfy their needs to invest in activities of their choice. Each unit starts from an area of 45 m2. Its medical and administrative units are available from the third to the eighth floor. The prices for each unit vary depending upon the available spaces for the units. The most exciting thing about Vida Mall is that the company is willing to sell the units at discounted prices. The project provides several methods for reservation, payment, and installments.