Visualization Of 3D Models And Commercial Success Of The Project

Architectural solutions in the design of the interior and exterior play an important role. Architectural visualization is a mandatory step in the development. Using this method, you guarantee comfort in homes, shopping centers and even on industrial sites. Architectural visualization allows seeing a picture of already finished object. This method is especially good for customers or investors. Understanding the drawings takes time, but the visual solutions determine in what you need to invest.

Architectural visualization is not only convenient solution for customers and investors. It is convenient for designers too. As the manufacturing of bulky layouts takes time, money and efforts, the architectural graphics in 3D becomes the ideal solution. Two-dimensional images are also used in architectural visualization and they make a clear picture. That is why the high cost of labor shifts to the background, when choosing three-dimensional and two-dimensional images.

Architectural visualization allows to define and to prove to investors that the project is of high demand, has its advantages and benefits with respect to technological and architectural solutions.

Architectural visualization on the site has many positive aspects. The created 3D models are unique and make reliable impression. Every detail is clearly visible. Such projects can be quickly and easily changed, so the customer’s wishes will be instantly inputted and the layout will be corrected. Opportunities of modern technologies allow creating small promotional presentation that allows to evaluate the projects objectively. Based on the said, architectural visualization is indispensable in the construction, landscaping and arrangement of interior design. It also revealed itself in a best way in the advertising field. Architectural visualization allows creating the best advertising billboards. Every potential customer will appreciate any suggestions on these billboards and that is not surprising, since everything is availably visualized. Trade and exhibition equipment is also convenient to show in this format, as architectural visualization makes it clear what the advertised item represents.


In order to acquire architectural visualization in full, the master has to have appropriate knowledge. There are many programs that must be studied deeply, not superficially, as creation of a colorful interior’s layout of a building is quite difficult with superficial knowledge.

Visualization of 3D models and commercial success of the project

The final stage of visualization is rendering of the object, when it is integrated into real environment. For example, a future residential complex is depicted surrounded by existing buildings. Natural lighting and detailed drawing help creating the image that is close to the real photography.

Several artists are usually involved to create rendering. And their skill largely influence the commercial success of the project, since less than 20% of people are able to imagine how the new object will appear in a familiar environment. 3D visualization solves this problem by clearly demonstrating the finished look of the whole ensemble.

Upon completion of the project, it can be shown to potential investors and customers in any convenient way: large format printing, layout, presentation, and others.