What Are the Best Secure Storage Lockers?

What Are the Best Secure Storage Lockers?

Adding secure storage lockers to your property can add value, safety, and sleek design, however, it’s important to remember not all storage units are created equally and there are definitely some options that are better than others. There are many benefits for renters and property owners alike, such as clean and organized grounds free of clutter from renters not having the space to hold their things, extra monthly income from renting the units, and added value to the overall property. Finding the best storage for your property can feel overwhelming, and we’re here to help navigate through the different options to find your best fit. 

Wire Mesh is Not it 

If security and safety are of priority for you and your renters, wire mesh is not your best option. It can seem like the best bang for your buck at face value, but it lacks the privacy and security that renters want and high-quality storage needs. Wire mesh is essentially see-through, meaning their stored belongings are left vulnerable to all kinds of things such as dirt, debris, insects, and in much worse cases, wandering eyes and thieves. The value of storage bins in the eyes of renters is all about the level of security and privacy, and wire mesh doesn’t provide either. Renters are less likely to feel renting wire mesh storage is worth the cost, which ultimately makes the benefit of extra monthly income moot. Since the mesh is see-through, it also tends to look more messy and unkempt compared to solid steel storage lockers and boxes. Wire mesh tends to be popular solely because at face value it appears to be the most budget-friendly option for apartment owners looking to add storage to their property, however because of the lack of security and less than favorable opinion of renters, they prove to be one of the worst options on the market. 

Bradyl Storage is the Best on the Market 

Bradyl Storage Solutions prides itself on providing secure, private, and budget-friendly storage solutions for any sized property. The storage solutions offered are comparable in price to less desirable wire mesh options, while filling the gaps in safety and security that mesh leaves to be desired. 

The Bradyl Bin is a storage locker system that models traditional storage lockers with walls of solid steel and a swing open door that can be locked with a padlock for ultimate security. Renters love the Bradyl Bin for its privacy and sleek design. The door can be customized to fit a color scheme or add a pop of color to brighten up spaces. This is a great option for properties with extra unused space and can turn open areas into an on-site storage center. 

The Bradyl Box is an innovative and game-changing style of on-site storage. The Bradyl Box is a free-standing storage box that fits in standard-sized parking spaces and turns previously unusable open space above vehicles into secure, private, and easily accessible storage for your tenants. Renters love the unique design of the Box and feel safe and secure with their belongings inside. It can hold up to 900 pounds of stored items and offers over 80 cubic feet of storage space. This is a great fit for property owners looking to offer secure and safe storage options for their renters but doesn’t necessarily have the extra open space to install full-on traditional-style storage lockers. 

Studies show that renters prefer having on-site storage options available to them, rather than having to find an off-site storage facility on their own. Finding the perfect fit for your property may feel overwhelming, but we hope we gave you some clarity on your journey to find storage solutions.