What Is Colorbond Roofing And How Does It Work?

What Is Colorbond Roofing And How Does It Work?

You can’t ignore your house roof if you want to have a good-looking house! Most home owners, who overlook their roofing systems, pay a steep amount for both repair and replacement later. Today, colorbond roofing has become a popular roofing choice for many urban dwellers. Keeping, in mind the changing weather conditions, this roofing style is perfect for certain places. It is also apt for other cities and countries as well because of its innumerable benefits.

Understanding colorbond roofing system

Simply put, colorbond is a steel coated roofing material that has gained immense popularity in the past few years. It is permanent, sturdy and resistant to the sudden climatic changes. There are several added features and advantages of this roofing system. Discussed below are a few:

It is sturdy and durable

Though lightweight, colorbond roofing is a sturdy material. In many places, it has withstood devastating winds. This roof type is also non-combustible and termite resistant. You can avert cracking, chipping, peeling and corrosion when you are using colorbond roofing. People with tile roofs are in the risk of their roofs getting corroded easily. Since a colorbond roof is lightweight, your house will encounter to structural weight strain while installation. Hence, the installation process is also very easy.

Durable and requires minimal maintenance

Colorband roof doesn’t need excess maintenance. The metal and the color are bonded well. Hence, there’s no requirement for any painting work as well. Furthermore, colorbond is baked. That’s what makes it sturdy. It doesn’t leak or crack unlike ties.


It is very design friendly

Colobond roofs give your house a minimalistic and new-age look. It comes in multiple colors and shades. Hence, you select the one that best fits your house and get it installed. Additionally, you can also have access to roof sheeting in various profiles to cater to your home design to complete perfection. Being lightweight, colorband provides immense spanning capacity. It requires very less columns in your house to hold the roof. It provides an open floor space and it is very versatile.


Colorbomnd as a metal is thermally effective. Both in the winter and summer months it helps to insulate your residence from temperature extremes. It gives out very less heat, cools faster in the night as compared to tiles and optimizes solar reflectance. It is truer when you have a light colored colorband roof.

The installation is easy

You don’t need to worry about the installation. A roofing expert will install this roof easily. It is available in metal sheets that go up to 100 meters in length. It means it is simple to just have it rolled on site, even when there are no lap joints.

Colorband is waterproof

Water doesn’t stay long in colorbond roofing. In tiles the water can pool in specific areas. It is not so with colorband roofing. In fact, the steel roofing ridges are constructed in a way to reduce the rainwater at the earliest. There’s less risk of leaking.

It is cost effective and eco-friendly

Tiles might come cheaper than colorbond roofing. However, the total expense is based on whether you are including more insulation, installation expenses, keeping in mind maintenance in the future, painting and more. With your colorbond roofs your costs can be minimal for a long time. It comes with a built-in insulation. There’s need for very minimal to no maintenance once the installation is over. It is what makes colorbond roofing a cheaper option in the long-run than tiles.


Also, when it comes to metal roofing it is completely recyclable. It is one of the most re-used products that you can have. You can transport it easily and it also results in reduced waste on-site. As a result, the environmental impacts too are very less.

Should you opt-in for tiles or colorbond roofing?

Tile roofs have been popular at a point of time. However, an increased amount of urban dwellers are making a shift to the colorbond roofing while constructing their residences. But it is always about personal preference. Tile roofs are more conventional. Hence, people who want to maintain that element in their house design will always keep to that. However, there are many people who love to change with the changing trends and patterns of home decor and roofing styles. These people are ready to welcome the sturdy and durable colorbond roof.

The features and benefits of colorbond make it more favorable as a roofing material than tiles. But tiles have a quiet quality about it. So if sound is an important aspect for you when building your house, it is essential that you decide accordingly. On the other hand, there are people who love to hear the sound of raindrops on roofs. These people would love to customize a colorbond roofs. However, today you have access to the multiple service providers that are available online. You can get more details about these services on their website, read more on colorbond roofing and check-out for the customizing choices you have.