What is On-Site Storage?

What is On-Site Storage?

On-site storage is the safest and most effective way for apartment owners to provide a great storage solution for their tenants. The difference between on-site storage and off-site storage is that with on-site storage the storage facility that houses all of the tenant’s belongings is located on the same premises as the site that they live in, and off-site is a storage place that is located away from the living property. In other words, on-site storage is located on the apartment building property, and off-site storage is not.

Why is On-Site Storage Better?

In order to accurately answer this question, it is important to understand that not all storage spaces are equal. Many of the property owners that provide storage only go as far as installing wire cage storage bins, which are inferior and cause more harm than good. Secure, private storage boxes allow the residents to store their extra belongings in a quality storage bin that hides and secures the contents from public view. If there are strong, secure storage containers available for the tenants when they visit the property to find a new place to live, it is more likely they will prefer the secure storage option than an inferior one, or an absence of one. Having on-site storage generates lots of benefits for the residents, and the property owner because:

  • Convenience for the tenants
  • Security
  • Makes the place look fantastic
  • Safety
  • Lowers crime
  • Raises overall property value

Besides the many benefits that the tenants receive, the property owner adds a huge value on top of the existing worth of the property.

Types of On-Site Storage

On-site storage can come in many forms, but the top two that deliver the best results are the over-the-hood storage box and the solid storage bins.

Over-the-hood storage is a type of storage solution that allows tenants to park their cars under their own storage box. The storage box stands on adjustable legs that can accommodate most personal vehicles, excluding some larger trucks and SUVs. The resident parks their vehicle under the storage box so that the hood of the car goes under the storage box. Inside of the box, there are eighty cubic feet of storage space that can hold quite a bit of stuff, including bicycles and other bulky items. They have doors that allow for padlocks for security.

Solid storage bins are strong, sturdy bins that are enclosed by walls and have a safe wire-mesh ceiling for ventilation and fire suppression. Although it may seem like a huge hassle to have them installed, you might be surprised at the amount of space that you have just sitting there in the open, and the strategies that you can put it to use. The best part of installing a secure storage solution into your apartment complex is that it can bring in a significant stream of extra revenue that will offset the costs of installation and bring even more value into the deal.

Adding Revenue And Value to the Property

In a recent case study, a property owner was able to add an extra $400,000.00 to the value of the property simply by adding an on-site storage solution. This is a huge plus. On top of the added property value, landlords can rent the storage spaces for upwards of $30 per month per resident. Numbers like this add up and bring in a lot of money. There aren’t many investments out there today that get this high of a  return. Not only did the value of the property jump, but the revenue that the property brings in jumped as well. These are real cases, and real scenarios. If you would like to find out how to add value to your property, visit Bradyl Storage Solutions and get started today.