What Makes Copper Range Hoods Different From Other Materials?

What Makes Copper Range Hoods Different From Other Materials?

Over the last few years, copper range hoods have increased in popularity and demand.

What makes this type of hood different from all other models and materials?

The simple answer is that the benefits are plentiful, and the natural material is unmatched. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing kitchen, here are just a few reasons you want to consider copper hoods over other materials.

Benefits of Copper Hoods

Copper is a stunning natural material that looks expensive and sophisticated. And this is one time when looks are NOT deceiving! Copper hoods are just as durable and beautiful as they appear. And they’re surprisingly affordable!

Durable Material That Will Last for Years  

Copper is a strong metal that is resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. As a natural material, one of the biggest advantages of copper hoods is that it can heal itself from any blemishes. Any mark or imperfection that surfaces will darken over time to match the hood.

Choosing copper hoods ensures that your vent hood is going to withstand years in the kitchen!

Give Your Kitchen a Sophisticated and Elegant Look

Walk into a kitchen with a copper hood, and you’ll be embraced with a timeless look and warm, inviting atmosphere.

Copper is a gorgeous metal that looks both elegant and sophisticated with a modern twist. This type of range hood can serve in any kitchen, whether it’s a traditional farmhouse design or a contemporary modern design.

Plus, did you know that copper changes color over time to provide an even more beautiful look? The patina effect is one of the greatest benefits of copper hoods because owners have the opportunity to watch the copper material evolve over time as well as their home value!

Easy and Effortless Maintenance

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No one wants to spend hours scraping grime and grease from a range hood!

Copper hoods are known as one of the easiest hoods to clean because copper as a metal is effortless and quick to clean. Copper is also a smooth and anti-bacterial material, so grime and other substances cannot build up in any cracks or crevasses.  A swipe with a damp cloth will leave your hood with a brand-new shine.

Completely Customizable for Your Kitchen

From size specifications to the type of hood you prefer, copper hoods are completely customizable. You can choose the hood to be under the counter, over the island, or wall mounted. Plus, you choose the color and texture!

Copper is also a metal that complements other materials such as stainless steels, wood, or granite. This benefit alone makes it customizable and versatile to your unique style and kitchen.


Range hoods are often overlooked in a kitchen design, but it’s one of the most vital features in the room. Not only does it keep heat, smoke, smells, and other toxins out of the kitchen, but it’s also a main focal point.

Walk into any kitchen with a copper range hood, and you’ll immediately notice the unique style and personality of the home. Now that you know the main benefits of copper hoods, what are you waiting for? Start customizing yours today!