What’s The Process Of A Metal Roof Installation?

What’s The Process Of A Metal Roof Installation?

Metal roofs are growing in popularity for the sustainability they offer. Metal roofs are guaranteed to maintain a lifespan of at least fifty years and strong protection against the elements, including hurricanes. Furthermore, metal roofs are a valuable investment for the security of your roof.

Proper installation results in a leak proof design. Not only do you receive protection, but your home will stay cooler while using less energy. Metal roofing makes it easier for homes to maintain stable temperatures, decreasing energy costs.

Moreover, there are different styles of metal roofing that you can have installed. Some options include standing seam metal roofs and rib panel metal roofing. If you have consulted a professional like those at APEX Roofing, and have decided that a metal roof installation is for you, then here is a run-down on the process.

Hire A Team With Fair Warranty Policies

Work with a team with fair warranty policies for your metal roof installation. Before installation, your roofing team can establish a quote for your installation process before you move forward. Note that your panels may need to be ordered and delivered before the installation date, depending on their size.

Apply The First Layer

The first step to installing your metal roof is to apply the first layer (the underlayment). This layer will rest over the plywood or similar. The experts will lay the underlayment on your roof while getting rid of the lower half of the adhesive attached to the back. Once in place, they are cut to flush, and the remaining adhesive backing is removed.

Before the metal roof installation, decide on the specific panels you need. Choose boards that easily fit your roof to avoid water damage later. You can have your metal roofing panels custom sized.

Place Panels On The Roof And Cut Accordingly

After the panels have been hoisted onto the roof, cut and turn in the main end so that it wraps across the corner of the trim. Make multiple cuts about one inch each to make tabs. Fold the tabs using a hand seamer while meeting the corner or walls. The purpose of this step is to close any gaps made in the trim.

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The Final Steps Of The Metal Roof Installation Process

After these primary steps are completed, your roofing team will finish the installation process by completing the following steps:

  • Splice meeting trims together and install overlapping trim.
  • Make a square reference line for even panel installation.
  • Place panels on foam strips and set them using butyl tape. Use sealant on the closure strip at the top to set the panel past the eave about one inch.
  • Fasten the panels using drive screws.
  • Overlap the panels neatly.
  • Attach gable trim and cover the rake edge.
  • Secure the ridge cap using screws.

Enjoy Your Roof For Years

A metal roof installation is a complex process that requires the skill and assistance of a metal roof installation team. Get in touch with a team you trust to achieve your sustainable, leak proof metal roof this year, and enjoy it for decades to come.