Why Choose a Handgun Over Other Firearms?

Why Choose a Handgun Over Other Firearms?

There are countless types of firearms available for purchase, including heavy-duty semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and more specialized weapons. But one of the best-selling types of firearms in the modern world is the basic handgun.

Handguns are extremely popular, and for good reason. They carry a lot of advantages over their bigger counterparts.


A handgun is so named because it can be easily and conveniently held in a single hand. If you plan on traveling with your weapon (like to the gun range or to the woods for hunting), this makes the handgun an appropriate choice. That’s not to say that rifles are bulky or unmanageable – but handguns have an edge in this category. This also makes it easy to carry a handgun from room to room, like if you’re searching your home for an intruder.


In some areas in the United States, it’s legal to conceal and carry a firearm if you have the proper permits. Concealing a weapon in a public place is advantageous in several ways; it allows you to equip yourself with a defensive weapon without broadcasting the existence of that weapon. If you get into an altercation, you’ll have an edge. Unfortunately, bigger weapons like shotguns can’t be easily concealed – but a handgun is light and small enough to be hidden from view.


Comparatively speaking, handguns are inexpensive. There are high-end models and collectible handguns that can cost thousands of dollars, but you can get a functional, Check out 80% lowers on sale effective pistol for just a few hundred dollars. If you’re looking for a weapon that’s budget-friendly, or if you just don’t want to spend too much money on a gun, handguns could be the right choice.

Expansive Choices

It’s hard to discuss the advantages of “handguns” in general because the term can refer to a wide range of different weapon options. Within the category, you can choose between weapons of different sizes, shapes, calibers, and manufacturers. You can customize your weapon with different grips, different sights, and other options. No matter what your goals are or what your personal style is, you can find an appropriate option.

More Control in a Conflict

If you’re interested in a handgun for self-defense, you should know that handguns typically give you more control in a conflict – at least in some ways. Because the gun is small, lightweight, and portable, you can move around easier. Also, because the size of the weapon is much smaller than a rifle or a shotgun, it’s harder for an enemy to grab.

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Easier Cleaning and Maintenance (in Some Situations)

Depending on the type of gun you choose, your handgun may be easier to clean and maintain than other weapons. Handguns can be taken apart in just a few steps with no additional necessary tools. Even if you’re an amateur, you can learn to clean your handgun in short order. If properly maintained, your weapon will be more reliable and last longer – and it’s going to be safer for everyone who fires it.

Different Target Practice Challenges

Rifles tend to be the top choice for expert marksmen, but if you’re interested in becoming a more accurate, more adept shooter, handguns offer some unique challenges. With a rifle, you’ll typically use two hands and stare down a long, accurate scope. You can even rest the gun on a stand or stabilizer to hold it steady. But with a handgun, you’ll have to be careful with your stance, hold the gun steady, and aim down short sights. It’s a great way to round out your skillset and challenge yourself in new ways. It takes some getting used to, but target practice with a handgun can be highly rewarding.

Personal Preference

Some people simply prefer handguns to other weapons. They may like the way they look, the way they fire, or the multitude of possible uses for the weapon. If you happen to find handguns more appealing than other firearms for aesthetic reasons or for reasons that aren’t in this guide, that’s perfectly acceptable – there’s a gun out there for everyone.

Multiple Firearms

Almost every firearm comes with advantages and disadvantages, forcing most firearm enthusiasts to consider investing in multiple weapons. A couple of rifles, a shotgun, and a handgun can provide you with quite a versatile range of shooting options. Handguns have a tendency to round out collections quite nicely, serving a niche role that other weapons can’t.

Handguns may have a lot of advantages over other types of firearms, but there’s no such thing as a gun that does everything well. Rifles, shotguns, and other types of firearms all have plenty of advantages of their own, and if you want a gun for every possible application or situation, you’ll want to buy multiple distinct weapons.