Why Use An Oil Furnace To Heat Your Home

Why Use An Oil Furnace To Heat Your Home

Heating Oil is clean, it’s safe, and it’s very efficient, which is why it’s growing in popularity. During colder months, the oil will adequately keep homes and businesses nice and warm.

Here are some of the benefits of using this source of heating,


When comparing to natural gas or propane Oil furnaces are much safer, thankfully the oil cannot combust when it’s in liquid form so therefore there is no risk of explosions. The oil is safe to store, and if left in the tank for some time, it shouldn’t be a problem, just as long as the tank is good and properly maintained to ensure there are no leakages.


Oil heat will heat your home and water much faster than propane or gas because it produces ‘more heat’ in around the same time the other sources do. There are some newer designs which are so efficient they are rated AFUE, which stands for ‘Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency’.


Oil heaters are a cost-effective approach when compared to other traditional methods of heating, such as gas. It will deliver more heat per ‘British thermal unit’ so for areas that get particular bad winters which is excessively cold it’s a cheaper source to use. The initial installation price may be higher, but the money saved thereon with the cheap oil makes it all worthwhile.

For Your Convenience

  • Because heating oil is ok to store for long periods, you can stock up ready for winter when you see a drop in the price of fuel. Also, don’t worry about delivery as you can get that covered (plus payment plans) as some companies offer this very convenient service.
  • When finding a supplier, you have the opportunity to go with whoever you like, when you want, although there are some benefits of sticking with the same supplier- such as payment plans- which are helpful when budgeting the cost of deliveries, there is also a Direct Debit version too.
  • Some suppliers will also offer customers an automatic refill service; it can be ideal as it saves time and effort by not having to order. The supplier will monitor your usage and estimate the necessary time to top up, so you never have to worry about forgetting to order in time for winter.

Carbon Footprint

You can reduce your carbon footprint by adding another renewable source such as Solar Panels, this can help to reduce the amount of heating oil consumed.