Why You Need a Pre Purchase Building – Pest Inspection

Why You Need a Pre Purchase Building – Pest Inspection

Whether you’re buying a home as an investment or to live in, you’re paying out a lot of money on property. For most of us a house is the biggest single investment we’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important to do all the due diligence you can. You have to make sure the property you’re investing is sound.

Let’s assume that you’ve chosen your property. You’ve done your research in terms of location, price and value. You’re ready to make an offer. What now?

Get A Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspection

There are few ways to find out the quality of your building that compete against a full building and pest inspection. Getting professional and authoritative reporting on your property is by far the best way to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Good building and pest inspection teams will have years of experience in the building and pest control industries. They’ll carry with them technology to help them check everything that needs to be checked. And they’ll have the expertise to know how and where to look.

Most building and pest inspection teams will give you a verbal as well as a written report. They should be good communicators. When you call your inspection company make sure you speak to the person who is actually doing the inspection. You’ll get an idea of what kind of communications skills they bring to the reporting. You want them to be able to convey to you in layman’s terms what they find on your property. In most cases you won’t get a cut and dry tick in the box that says buy or don’t buy. You’ll need the nuances in the report spelled out in sufficient clarity to enable you to fully comprehend them.

The written will be a more formal document. They should have a pro-forma report that they can show to you. Good inspectors will fill it out in detail.

Expert Building Inspectors With Expert Pest Inspectors

Where possible, we recommend getting experts in both fields. It’s unlikely that any person who does combined reports will have sufficient knowledge to give comprehensive inspections in both areas. That’s why we like to work with people like Richard Eeedy, who does building and pest inspections in conjunction with a building inspector.

He’s the pest control expert and Mark from Gold Coast Building Inspections is the building inspector. Both have decades of experience and dozens of glowing five star reviews from clients. For best results, find a company that is expert in one field, and that works together with a company that is expert in another. Read the reports carefully, question your inspectors to clarify any points that concern you. Then make an informed choice on your property purchase.