Winterize Your Home By Strengthening Canada Windows And Doors Whitby

Winterize Your Home By Strengthening Canada Windows And Doors Whitby

It’s really exciting to welcome the winter season who promise is to offer silent overnight snowfalls, leafless trees, bracing jolt of crisp and cold air. But wait, has anyone mentioned the other side of its existence? It involves increasing use of energy to keep the home and inhabitants warm and safe.

Being in Canada means that the residents have to deal with harsh winters with loads of snow and low temperatures. It doesn’t matter if this weather makes the person feel cold because winter heating bills would probably get the job done. Yes, there is a huge cost involved to restrict outside conditions from affecting the homes. Canada windows and doors Whitby are particularly expected to assist the home in this regard. Apart from being important for the home’s aesthetics, they also have to work on the energy efficiency and temperature maintenance inside. The best of all, they are sure to bring up to 30 percent change in the heating loss.

So, in order to avoid energy loss, it’s important to understand the following two ways:

  1. Do precautions for air drafts and fill gaps or cracks in the windows
  2. Use permanent or temporary coverings to insulate the glass options

To work on either of the two ways, homeowners are required to apply one of the following methods:

Caulking And Sealing Windows

Cracked Canada windows and doors Whitby are the common way for air to come in or escape out of the home. Nowadays, owners have to pay attention on how their homes work because they have to maintain certain energy codes to establish reasonable air leakage rates.

Sometimes, experts recommend to apply caulking around the exterior trim of windows or around the edges of the doors to reduce air leakage. While sometimes, they have to insert rope caulk, polyethylene or expandable foam caulk to meet the requirements.

Canada Windows And Doors Whitby


It is available in different types of vinyl and metal doors and windows that is decided after checking the level of skills and application. Some additions may be visible when the units are closed while some are not.

However, the thing to keep in mind is that vinyl is not easy to install. It requires expert skills to ensure blockage of air drafts. As far as metal is concerned, it would also look a bit off on historic or older homes while magnetic strips have got the most votes for being an effective seal against air leaks; but, be sure, it is a bit expensive.

Storm Windows

They have been the most preferable method to strengthen Canada windows and doors during winter. Storm windows work in a different way to prevent air movement i.e. instead of insulating, they assist single pane windows to stand against the situation. They are available in different materials from plastic sheets to high quality low-e glass inserts that minimize heat transference. They can work for both interior and exterior areas but the difference lies in their installation- the latter is a bit difficult to handle.