3 Selling Points in Homes

Are you currently looking to sell your home? Have you walked through Selltobrickment? They are buyers who can buy your home without repairs, agent, costs, hassles! There are different things that you have probably noticed when you were walking through people’s homes and getting ready to list yours on the market. The top of things that catch your attention inside of people’s homes are the selling point of the home. Each home usually has a selling point for the buyer. Which selling points do you have inside of your home? We are here to help you determine what your selling point is, and how to make it shine for the people coming to look at your home.

Kitchen Finishes

Kitchen finishes are one of the things that people look at the most when they’re walking through homes. Would you rather live in a house with a formica countertop, or one with a granite countertop? We recently walked through a home that had soapstone countertops in st louis. The counter tops were quickly as speak in point inside of the home. When people walked into the kitchen they often had things to say about how beautiful the countertops were. These soapstone countertops were selling point for this home.

Every home has their own selling point, and often times they are found inside of the kitchen. You need to determine what the selling point is inside of your home. If the homeowner mentioned hadn’t taken the time to really show the home and be sure that the soapstone countertops were noted it may not have been a selling point for them.Really selling the things that you consider to be the selling points inside of your home is going to make your home more sellable to the people looking at it.


The cleanliness of your home cannot be stressed enough when you’re ready to put it on the market. People want to walk into a home that is tidy, and overly clean. If you were in the market to buy a new home, would you want to buy a home where you new a lot of junk and dirt used to sit? This becomes personal for many people. The first impression that there going to remember is when they walk through your phone. You want to make sure that your home made a great first impression on them, so they can feel comfortable to make it their own.

When people walk into a home that is overly cluttered they often have a bad impression made instantly. Even if your home is not overly cluttered, if you do not take the time to put things where they go, and make sure that it’s clean people are going to notice. The clean and clutter-free house is always going to sell for more money and more quickly than a house that is not.


Ultimately been people are looking for a home, they are looking for a space to live in. You need to be sure that you are using the space inside of your home with the best that you can during your showing period.  If you have a room that you have a really cluttered with Furniture, you need to take it out. People are looking for a home that provides them with a great amount of space for their families to live in. Be sure that your home is showing well and that the space is appealing to people who have never lived their before.