5 Causes for Needing Roof Repairs

5 Causes for Needing Roof Repairs

The roof of your home is one of the more critical systems of the entire structure. It provides consistent shelter from all sorts of environmental conditions. From extreme heat, snow, ice, driving rain and wind, the roof is there for you to keep the elements out and the occupants comfortable. While most modern roofs are built to last for a relatively long period of time, there can still be many reasons why you will need to seek roof repair lake county IL.

Exposed Areas

Every one of the shingles on a roof has a purpose. If one is missing then your roof now has an exposed area. This can lead to an access point for moisture to the deck and ultimately a leak in the home. There can be many causes for this, but in any case the felt paper and wood underneath will not provide enough protection.

Damaged Flashing

You may not realize the amount of holes that have been cut in your roof for vents and skylights. Every one of these places needs to be adequately flashed to further prevent moisture egress. So do any areas where the roof meets objects like a chimney or dormer. Flashing can be damaged just like shingles, and unfortunately sometimes it just isn’t installed right to begin with.

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Storm Damage

Shingles and roofing materials can hold up to a lot. But some storms can be extremely powerful and are no match for even the best materials. High winds can rip individual shingles from the deck, exposing vulnerable spots below. Large hail can impact the roof and be strong enough to puncture or damage shingles and allow points for water entry.

Stagnant Water

A roof is designed to shed water from its surface. If there is a backlog of water due to clogged gutters or excess debris, then it can overwhelm the system and leak into your home. Fortunately this is an easier cause to prevent with regular maintenance.


Unless one of the above factors comes into play then you likely won’t need to worry every year about your roof needing replacement. However, they don’t last forever. Environmental conditions can hasten the natural aging process as well. You are probably not in the habit of climbing on the roof and checking its condition regularly. After several years – especially if you bought the home used – your roof may be a candidate for full replacement simply because it has reached the end of its useful life.