6 Plants That Will Cool Your Home In The Summer

Summers with its scorching heat is not only a bane, but it is also a season when you can decorate your garden with some bright flowers. And, then some of these plants will help you to keep your house cool while providing shade for your kids to play. Moreover, purchasing plants have become easier than ever – you don’t have to rush to a nursery any more as you can buy plants online too.


One of the most adaptable summer bedding plants, Begonias belongs to the plant family Begoniaceae. Since it can grow both in the sun and shade, you can either plant it in your indoor garden or create a bed in your outdoor patios. Begonia is loved for its showy blooms which come is a vast range of colours. Out of the 1,800 different species, some also have black leaves which add on to the beauty of the flowers.

Aloe Vera

From the family of Asphodelaceae, aloe vera is well known for its therapeutic properties. But, do you know with little extra care form you, these large-leafed plant can bear yellow flowers in the summer. Moreover, this plant helps in cooling your house by negating the hot air. It also reduces toxins like formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, benzene from the air. It grows best indoors in a mixed soil – cactus soil, potting soil, and sand.

Rose ‘Goldfinch

You can plant this beautiful rose in your garden, which blooms only once a year and is sure to make your neighbours jealous. They come in shades of mauve, pink and white, and their fragrant shamelessly wafts through the entire region. You can plant these medium-to-short rambling rose with almost smooth stems near your gate or create fencing with these to brighten your entire house.

Delonix Regia

Because of the bright orange flowers, Delonix regia is also known as the ‘flame of the forest.’ It is a treat to the eye and if you have a big garden, ensure to plant this tree and enjoy its beauty and shade in the summers. Commonly known as Gulmohar, Delonix regia is a common plant and doesn’t require much effort to grow. Since the flowers grow profusely when kept slightly dry, they are commonly seen in the summers.

Busy Lizzie

From the family of genus Impatiens, this plant is also known as balsam, sultana, or impatient. This plant is unbelievably valuable for its shadier beds and borders. Moreover, this plant bears large flowers in vibrant fruity colours ranging from pink, to red, to purple, and white. As long as as you water the soil properly, busy lizzie can grow both in shade and sun. 

Devil’s ivy

Another plant that can cool your house in the summers is the devil’s ivy. This flowerless plant is an evergreen vine that can enhance the beauty of any corner of your home. Also, known as money plant, the large green leaves of this plant not just plays the role of beautification but it also acts natural humidifier. It doesn’t require any effort and can grow with minimal care and water.However, it is safer to keep pets, mostly dogs, away from it as it contains insoluble calcium oxalates which can be toxic to them.

Depending on your preference and space, you can decide on a plant for your garden, and spend a cool summer in the comfort of your house.