7 Add-Ons To Your Porch For An Amazing Look

You love the outdoors, and you’ve got yourself a nice little porch attached to your home…but you find that you’re not spending as much time enjoying your space because it’s missing a few amenities. Does this sound like you? Take a look at our seven ideas to spruce up YOUR porch, and you’ll be spending more evenings out there in no time!


1. Turn the Porch Into A Pergola

Why not have the option of a little shade on those particularly sunny days? Add a slotted wood pergola feature to your porch by installing four corner posts and constructing a roof atop it. Bonus points if you plant some trailing ivies or perennials to cascade across the slats and down the posts. Simply lovely!

2.Light Up Your Life!

 Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, i.e. you do not have to re-wire the exterior of your home! Keep it simple by stringing up twinkle lights or installing plug-in solar ground lights along the porch border to create a more intimate and functional setting.

3.Improve the Flooring

This could mean a lot of different things. Perhaps your porch is made out of wood, and the upkeep is driving you nuts. You might want to consider upgrading to a synthetic deck planking instead to increase the porch’s lifespan and length of time between maintenance projects.

Perhaps you’re in desperate need of an improved paver stone area, a hardscaped feature, or a delivery of gravel or stone to improve the walkway or border situation. These are straightforward improvements that companies like Sand4U specialize in, and they’d be more than happy to provide you with ideas and estimates for exciting, new projects.

4.Add Plants Galore

One of the simplest and most elegant ways to improve any space is to add live plants to it. If you’re new to plant care and upkeep, look for things that are classified as “simple” to maintain. Don’t go for something complicated right out of the gate, because you will feel discouraged if they die. Consider succulents, cacti and other low maintenance plants in the beginning.

5.Treat Yourself to Comfortable Furniture

It’s no fun sitting and socializing in a chair that makes your tailbone ache or curling up with a book only to be uncomfortable after two pages. Look into the newer exterior couches and chaise lounges available these days, and think about splurging on something special for your porch.

6.Consider Bug Netting

Perhaps you live in a region where bugs are rampant, and there are certain times of day that you simply cannot enjoy being outdoors, as wonderful as your porch is. Think about transforming your space by adding a large bug “tent” encapsulating the entire area. There are a lot of options online to simply order yourself a screen porch! Voila, it’s never been more simple! This could be a seasonal enhancement and is storable during the cooler, bug-free months.

7.Use It Or Lose It

 The bottom line is that the most amazing porch is THE PORCH THAT YOU ACTUALLY USE. So brainstorm a bit…. Have fun with it! Think about your own favourite (interior) creature comforts, and imagine how it would work outside.

Is rocking out to music your thing? Consider investing in a wireless speaker or outdoor speaker system. Do you enjoy the cool morning air? Purchase some comfy pillows and blankets to increase the fabulousness of your outdoor furniture. Make it your own, and make it wonderful. Good luck!