8 Signs You Are Obsessed With Coffee

8 Signs You Are Obsessed With Coffee

As humans, we often tie attachments to immaculate objects immediately. Whether it’s our phones or a favorite piece of clothing, our love for these items never seems to waver. Ask a person obsessed with his phone to spend a day without it and they’ll be all but ready to claw your face off at this prospect.

Replacing human intimacy with love for other objects is something that everyone does. One of the most common objects that find itself being the focus of affection by humans is certain foods or beverages.

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Out of this list of food and beverages, coffee finds itself at the top of the list. Liking coffee is not just a feeling, it’s a way of life. Your love of coffee becomes evident in everything you do. From how you center your whole day on coffee plans to how you itch to find the perfect modern coffee table to become the highlight of your home. If you are still on the fence about your adoration for coffee.

Here are eight signs that will tell you that your love for coffee can now be classified as an obsession:

1- You have a super-specific coffee order

When you say you want coffee, you just don’t mean just any type of coffee. You have a super-specific coffee order that you need. Coffee for you just isn’t anything that is available in every coffee shop. You have a weirdly specific coffee order and any deviation from that order won’t just cut it for you. You are the person who holds up lines at the coffee shop because your order is so long and elaborate.

Coffee making is an art for you that you take very seriously. While you love to try out all the new concoctions put forward by coffee chains like Starbucks, you still stick to your regular order to give you that dose of caffeine.

2- You spend a crazy amount of money on coffee

Besides just giving your local coffee shop lots of business by constantly being there and ordering coffee, you spend too much money on creating the perfect coffee at home too. From specific instruments like French presses to imported beans from some obscure corner of the world, you are always on the lookout to get them all. Your kitchen counter is littered with ingredients and instruments that allow you to create the perfect cup of joe for yourself.

The most elaborate piece of furniture in your home is perhaps the coffee table that you painstakingly picked out or that framed quote regarding coffee that you have put up in your bedroom. Your whole house is a shrine to your love for coffee.

3- Consumption of coffee has a huge impact on your mood

Coffee has the power to turn a good mood into a bad one and vice versa. You can feel your happiness levels being elevated once you get that perfect cup of coffee in your system. Your mood depends on how great or how bad your cup of joe is. If you don’t get your daily fix of coffee at the time you want it, then your whole day turns out horribly as a result of that fact. Anyone that knows you knows that the best time to get you to agree to anything is when you have had your daily fix of caffeine. A day without coffee for you is a horrible day that can only end in fights and tears for you.

4- The smell of coffee is everywhere

If you ask anyone what thing they associate super strongly with you, the first thing they would say is coffee. Your hair, your clothes, and your house constantly smell of coffee. You’re either buying coffee from your favorite coffee place or you’re brewing it from the comfort of your own home. This has led to everything you own being permanently stained with the smell of coffee.

Your signature scent has changed from your favorite perfume to the smell of coffee. If someone asked you what your favorite perfume would smell like, the answer to that question would definitely be coffee.

5- You like coffee-flavored everything

Your love for coffee is not just delegated to just the beverage itself. You like the tinge of coffee in everything. From cakes to ice creams, you love the flavor of coffee in everything that you consume. And this coffee obsession is not just related to just things you can eat and drink. You like everything in your life to tell the story of how much you love coffee. If anyone of your friends wants to give you something, they opt for coffee themed merchandise. Even your pets and babies sport coffee themed onesies as a testament to your love.

6- Your social media feed is full of coffee art

On twitter, you share hot takes about how coffee is the only love you need in your life On Instagram, you share latte art from all the different coffees you have had over the course of your life. On your Facebook, all your favorite pictures see you with a cup of coffee in your hand. Your obsession for coffee has seeped into your social media presence as well, as you try and tell the world about how much you love coffee.

7- Your local baristas know you by name now

You frequent your local coffee shop so much that the local baristas now know who you are what you want. Your spot at your favorite table and corner has been reserved especially for you. For your order, everyone relies on that one specific barista who knows what you want to your order won’t get messed up. The coffee shop is now like a second home for you.

8- The caffeine does not affect you anymore

You’d think your love affair with coffee would have turned you into a neurotic mess who would constantly be on the edge at all times. However, caffeine has no effect on you whatsoever now. You can drink a large cup of coffee before bed and still go and have a sound sleep immediately. The excess consumption of coffee does not give you the jitters or night sweats anymore as you have learned how to limit your dosage to safe levels.


While no one wants to come between you and the love of your life, coffee, you need to make sure that you are not going overboard Consumption of a normal amount of coffee is great for you. But if it goes above the normal amount, it can create problems for you. So take your love for coffee hand in hand with safety and you’re good to go.