8 Tips for Renovating Your Old Concrete Driveway

8 Tips for Renovating Your Old Concrete Driveway

It might seem like concrete lasts forever, but it doesn’t. If your driveway has already been patched and resurfaced a few times, you might wonder what steps to take to renovate it.

Concrete driveways can easily last 40 to 50 years. As a result, driveways are a solid investment, pun intended. However, if you live in an older home that’s been modernized, and the driveway is looking a little worse for wear, then it’s time to renovate your old concrete driveway.

1. Resurface or Replace Your Concrete Driveway

If you have wide cracks or potholes, then it’s time to replace your driveway. The first thing to consider is how extensive the damage is to your driveway. Ask a professional concrete contractor in Kokomo, IN, for a quote, and they can advise you on the best options for your driveway.

If you’re considering resurfacing to glean more life out of your driveway, concrete professionals can help you determine if there’s any life left in it. With decades of experience in your area, they can tell if your driveway needs to be resurfaced or replaced.

2. Choose Your Driveway Materials

Choosing the materials for your driveway is likely a matter of what fits your budget. You should compare the cost and maintenance of materials when you choose.

The most common types of driveway materials are concrete, asphalt, pavers, and gravel. Your home may be subject to covenant restrictions, so factor that into your decision.

When you choose a durable driveway material like concrete, you can expect your new driveway to last for a lifetime.

3. Consider How Long You Plan to Stay in Your Home

Another important consideration when choosing your driveway is how long you plan to stay in your home. For example, if you renovate a house and want to fix the driveway up just enough to sell it, you might want to spend only a little.

On average, a new driveway will add $10,000 to $20,000 to the value of your home. Driveways are also a huge selling point because they enhance your home’s curb appeal.

If you want to maximize your investment return, consider talking to a realtor in your area. They will be able to tell you how much ROI to expect, which can help you decide how much to spend.

If you renovate a driveway in your forever home, your decision-making process will be slightly different.

4. Add Some Curves to Your Driveway Design

Whether selling or staying in your home, making your driveway circular or U-shaped is popular. Not only are curves more attractive, but being able to drive through without backing up is safer and more accessible.

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Only some have the room that will allow for a circular driveway, though. Many people have short driveways that lead directly to the garage.

You can add some curves to your design, even on a small driveway project. For example, create a curving path from the house to the driveway, and use edgings and plantings to add accents that enhance your home’s appearance.

5. Add Lighting to Your Driveway

Adding lighting to your driveway can substantially increase your home’s value. There are several ways to add lighting to a driveway, and when you are renovating is an excellent time to consider new lighting options.

Recessed lighting gives your driveway a modern look and provides a welcoming and safe entrance for you and your guests.

6. Try a Multi-Material Look for Your Driveway

If you need help choosing between different materials for your driveway, consider using more than one.

Good design follows form and function, and it also mimics nature. In nature, materials don’t exist alone. They occur with other types of elements, and when you combine concrete with gravel

7. Add a Gate to Your Driveway

You might not decide to add a gate or a fence for purely aesthetic reasons, but a gate adds a distinguished look to your home. For example, consider adding a gate when renovating your driveway.

These days, home security is more critical than ever. Having a fence that keeps pets and children in your yard, and keeps burglars and vandals out, will add value to your home and make you feel safer.

Gates are more affordable than they used to be, and you can even find automatic smart gates that can recognize your license plate or operate with a remote control.

8. Add a Water Feature To Your Driveway Plans

Adding a water feature is another way to add curb appeal to your home. Water features are symbols of good luck and prosperity, creating an excellent first impression of your home.

When you’re renovating your driveway, consider all your options. You might never have to redo your driveway again, and you’ll want to make choices that make you feel proud of your home.