A Guide To Perfect Home Decor: Colours and Plants

A Guide To Perfect Home Decor: Colours and Plants

After a long and tiring day of counting all your deadlines, you really look forward to coming home to something that soothes and calms you down. You need your home to be a perfect rejuvenating space after going through the worldly chores. Infact, some people don’t live in huge houses, they prefer small and cozy ones, but still make sure that their interior is smartly decorated. Mastering this art is very important and like any other art, this can also be beautified better with a little more research and effort. There’s never a good time to get your home decor revamped with a strong visual appeal that appears to be both sleek and sophisticated. Everyone should carefully take time out for an aesthetically pleasing home that uses space efficiently.

We see loads of trends coming and going, but blending colours well to surprise you is the one which stays! Most of us are still unaware of this fact that ‘colours’ play a big role in making your space more comfortable. It is claimed to be a very intimidating step that you can take while building or rebuilding your modern interiors. You should definitely do a good research about colours and their effects before putting them on your walls.

Here’s a guide from Bonasila, exclusively for you to understand which colour would suit what places of your homes and will pass on what vibes to your space.

Colours Benefits Best Application
White White colour is the most mesmerising, soothing, elegant and timeless colour of all. It gives a very spacious feel to your home decor. You can use this colour for any space!
Yellow This ‘happy’ colour is going to give you lots of cheerful vibes and creativity. Dining Area, Kitchen, Bed rooms.
Green Greens give a relaxing, stress-free and a meditative environment. Kitchen, Prayer room, Living Room.
Pink This pleasing and loving colour gives a pure vibe of kindness, creativity and innocence. Just the perfect home decor colour. Office space, Master Bedroom, Kid’s room
Blue Keep calm and stay cool! Blue colour would definitely take all your other blues away. It is soothing. Promotes freedom and imagination. Bedroom, Bath Area.
Red It gives an intense feeling. Pumped up energy levels with immense love, power, and passion. Re-fuel yourselves with this warm colour on one of your walls! Kitchen, Entryway.
Orange This colour fills you up with enthusiasm, excitement and promotes activity. This can help in increased energy levels. Exercise Area, Playroom.
Grey This is the most in-trend colour. It signifies warmth, versatility, classics and comfort. You can use this colour for any space.
Purple Sit back and relax! This colour gives a perfect sense of sophisticated drama. It makes your home decor more luxurious and magical. Bedroom, Living Room.

Along with a beautiful set of colours, if you plant some greens around, depending on the space, large or small decorative plant pots, just a glimpse and you will find a great sense of calm after the everyday chaos faced. Now you must be thinking how do plants affect humans? Well, they do! In many ways!

  • Concentrate better: Studies have shown that if you keep even a small plant baby in your modern interiors, your accuracy will improve. Nature’s calming influence surely does wonders and there’s no better way to understand this than by putting them on our desks, floors, balconies. Your memory retention will increase and subsequently you will be able to perform better at any task with more focus. It helps in stimulating your mind and senses together and helps in balanced cognitive functioning.
  • Spreads Happiness: Blooming sight of flowers are said to be very effective in altering your negative moods. Their aesthetic appeal helps in reducing stress, anxiety and cheers you up with boosted energy. Plants give a magnificent message of patience, strength, growth and love and if you watch them closely, there’s a lot to learn from them. Your modern interiors will have a great hint of elegance and purity with them.
  • Improves Relationships: It is said that people owning plants are more caring towards others in general. By gradually taking care of nature, they are able to show more empathy towards other beings. They are claimed to share better bonds with people and are very compassionate. They don’t mind at all reaching out to anyone! So, why not beautify your homes with these cute babies with unique FRP Planters? For that matter, Bonasila can be
  • Helps improve air quality: Did you know that the air inside your home can be more impure than what you have to deal with on the streets? Now, how to get away with this? With plants around, especially if you opt in to buy indoor plants you can expect toxin-free air at your homes. They will help in increasing the oxygen levels in your homes.

You can choose to go for either indoor or outdoor plants, depending on some factors such as space, amount of time you are willing to spend on them etc. Here is also a list of plants that you can choose from to bring peace to your homes:

  • Spider Plant: It is claimed to be one of the easiest houseplants to grow. They have narrow and long leaves which makes them very special. They would look best as hanging plants as one of your small plant babies. Since it’s a very low-maintenance plant, you just need to follow some easy steps: Place them in moderate light, Water them at least once a week, and fertilize them every 2-3 weeks. Also, you don’t have to be worried about your pets being allergic to these especially.
  • Snake Plant: This one has strappy leaves that uprightly lift your home decor. It needs less water, indirect light. It cleans, filters indoor air and you should rotate them once a quarter every week if you plan to keep it on your windows. This should be practiced for proper light exposure.
  • Bamboo Plant: Do you want to get tropical feels just by sitting at your homes or offices? Then this is the one! This one prefers bright sunlight but can also sustain in low lights if given sufficient amounts of water. But, make sure that you don’t overwater them. We suggest you keep a tray of pebbles and some water beneath it to deal with its high humidity.
  • Aloe Vera Plant: Rightly named as ‘The Universal Plant’, this one is usually the most favourite potted plant of all. It helps in healing burns and cuts specifically. Also, it helps in making so many byproducts as well. You will get rid of your skin allergies easily with its cooling and healing properties. It is said to potentially slow down the spread of breast cancer too. You can keep it near your entrances or your balconies and experience its therapeutic qualities.
  • Hibiscus: This tropical delight if kept around your homes can gift you with tons of blooming flowers for years. They need at least 6 hours of sunlight. They prefer cosy fit pots for unbothered growth. So, you should make sure that you get the suitable planters accordingly. Big or small planters, depending on the outer space you have and wish to cover with them. We suggest you buy the best material for outdoor planters, FRP plant pots for your desired results.

We suggest you decorate your homes smartly with apt colours and the best quality planter pots. Decorating homes with such aesthetically pleasing things will not only motivate you to stay more energised and positive but will also create a lasting impression for your guests. At Bonasila, we will help you with a variety of exclusive plant pots according to your set preferences, be it different shapes, sizes or colours. The FRP planters that we provide are one of a kind and are very strong enough to maintain the plants through any crisis. We are sure that your colourful walls will look splendid with some decorative planters near them. If you are not sure as to which pot would be suitable for your home decor, you can contact us at hello@bonasila.com without any hesitation. You can also reach out to us at 92650 77632. We will be more than happy to handle your queries. Choose happiness over anything, choose Bonasila planters– India’s largest fiberglass planter manufacturers.

At Bonasila, we are a group of designers and plant lovers. We admire plants being included in the design process. We love transformations with the inclusion of plants. With the touch of nature, you can feel a sense of great energy and plants can be the best way to do so. With immense experience in the designing sector and being die-hard fans of plants, we choose planters as a medium to express our creativity.