Add Value to Your Home by Reimagining Your Kitchen Space

Home improvements are the simplest and most cost-effective way of adding value to your home ahead of putting it on the market, and giving your kitchen a makeover could make all the difference when it comes to buyer interest. If you want to increase the market price of your property, then you should focus your renovation efforts on the kitchen.

At the heart of the home, the kitchen isn’t just for cooking, but socialising and dining also, and buyers recognise this and in turn, scour the market for properties which feature accommodating kitchen spaces.

We’ve put together 4 hot design and planning tips for transforming your kitchen so you can add value to your home.

Fill kitchen space wisely

First things first, you need to establish how much space you have to work with ahead of renovations. Sure, it may be nice to kit out your kitchen with a number of appliances, units and bits and bobs, but if your kitchen is only small, then you’ll leave new owners with just enough room to swing a cat (not typically a huge selling point). If you’ve got a larger space to work with however, then it may be appropriate to fill the kitchen in order for it to avoid looking empty, but remember, less is sometimes more.

Start with the basics by factoring in things such as ovens, sinks, dishwashers and refrigerators – once you’ve accounted for the space these appliances will take up, you can fill the rest of the kitchen space with storage facilities and handy features.

Give the flooring a new lease of life

Many homeowners neglect the flooring when it comes to revamping their kitchen, but it actually plays a key role in the overall look of the space. From vinyl to wood to laminate to tiles, there are a number of different designs to choose from – all of which will give your kitchen a splash of class and elegance.

You don’t have to spend time and money ripping up and reinstalling new flooring to add value to your home, it can be as simple as giving the flooring a deep clean and polish to make it look brand new. But, if your kitchen flooring has seen better days then it may be worth opting for a new floor entirely, it isn’t expensive and even an amateur DIYer can fit it.

Let in the light

Flooding your kitchen with natural light will give a pleasant, uplifting and fresh feel to it as well as making it appear bigger – a great benefit for those with limited space. Lighting can make or break a buyer’s decision, so avoid making the space dark and drab, and instead try and fill your kitchen with natural light via windows, doors and even skylights.

Whilst natural lighting is preferred when it comes to reimagining your kitchen, you still need to install artificial lights. Think carefully about where to position your artificial lighting, and also take time to decide what type of lighting you’re going to opt for – many buyers these days prefer energy efficient lighting, so it is worth considering this.

Style is key

The design and theme of your kitchen needs to work in conjunction with the rest of your house. Ultra-modern kitchens will look out of place in a rustic cottage, just as traditional kitchens will clash if the rest of your home is sleek and minimalist. So make sure your kitchen compliments your property as a whole.

It is important that when giving your kitchen a makeover, you keep all your design choices neutral. Sure, you may want to add a dash of colour to the walls and fit patterned cabinets, but prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in your property and kitchen, and therefore sticking to neutral colours (such as creams, light greys and whites) is a no-brainer.

Whether you choose to completely revamp your property or just make a few small home improvements prior to selling, it is wise to focus your efforts towards your kitchen, especially if you want to increase the market value of your home. It doesn’t take a whole team of decorators and a heap of money to make changes that leave you reaping the benefits, improvements can be cheap and simple yet effective.

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