Aluminum VS Steel For Gutters

Aluminum VS Steel For Gutters

For the longest time steel was regarded as the only choice for gutter installations. It is durable, not excessively hard to install, easy to source, and produces quality gutters. However, in the last couple of decades aluminum gutters have taken off due to the number of advantages that they offer home and business owners. In Florida, these advantages are multiplied thanks to our stormy, moisture filled environment; hot and humid environments present challenges to certain materials, like steel and wood dealing with rust and rot respectively. Compared to other metals, aluminum has an easy time holding its quality and composure in the humid Florida environment!

Rust, Rust, Rust!

Certain metals and moisture do not mix, this produces a recipe for rust and corrosion that only hurts the durability and integrity of your gutters. Steel gutters are extremely liable to develop rust after sitting out for years on end and extensive maintenance is required to spare the gutters this fate. Some installers coat their steel in zinc to prevent rust, but the second that this is scratched off rust is given the chance to set in.

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Better Functionality 

The point of a gutter is to effectively transport water, the higher its weight bearing capabilities in this regard, the better it can do its job. Aluminum gutters have a higher weight bearing capability than their steel counterparts, helping them do their job for longer before maintenance or repairs are needed!


Aluminum is also great for those looking for more aesthetically pleasing options! Aluminum gutters can be painted a variety of colors to match whatever color scheme you want to hit with your property! Steel gutters are harder to match up color-wise, so getting the perfect match for your home can be tough.

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