How To Update Your Home

How To Update Your Home

It’s hard to predict what needs you’ll have in five or ten years, which can make picking the perfect home difficult. An easy way to avoid this problem is to let your home grow with you! You can always add rooms, decks, outdoor spaces, or even additional stories to your home to create more space for your growing life. 

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Outdoor decks are a great way to maximize yard space and create a relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors. You can construct a wooden deck or an elevated concrete deck, whatever works best for your style. There are pros and cons to both options. If you build a wooden deck, then you’ll want to make sure to treat the wood so it doesn’t rot or decay when exposed to rain or snow. How fast this could happen depends on your environment; if you live in a wet or humid area then you’ll have problems sooner than arid climates. Concrete decks are a great option for all climates but could include a little more work to construct. You’ll also want to keep in mind to add some type of texture to the cement so it doesn’t get slick and present a hazard when wet. 

Adding Stories

When you think about adding space to your home, you probably consider building out. But if you think about building up, you can accomplish even more while preserving your yard space. One option is to add a second story on your home. This can be a huge undertaking, so it’s not a quick addition, but if done right, it can almost double the square footage of your home and increase your resale value significantly. Another option, less complex, is to add an apartment above your garage. This is a great way to not only utilize the space you already have but also to make a potentially less attractive structure more appealing to potential buyers or yourself. Once this apartment is added, you can rent it out as an extra source of income or use it for guests who visit your home so they have some extra space and privacy. Both types of additions can be easier than adding on the ground floor because you don’t need to lay extra foundation.

Adding to your home can be a fun and invigorating process! There are tons of options to spice up your space including a deck or an extra story.