Benefits Of Non-Destructive Digging

Benefits Of Non-Destructive Digging

Non-destructive digging is the way of removing excavated material into a debris tank with the help ofpressurised water. It allows job sites to remain tidy and free from large piles of excavated material, making it more environmentally friendly. You can use non-destructive digging on a variety of different surfaces, including:

  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Mud
  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • Ice

While investment in infrastructure stimulates the economy and improving quality of life, its impact on the environment and communities must also be kept in mind. To escalate the potential effect of infrastructure projects on the businesses and surroundings, non-destructive digging (NDD) is an impactful and safe alternative to conventional excavation, or jackhammers and drills.

Some benefits of Non-destructive digging service are:


NDD is an excellent option to save sewerage pipes, gas, water and telecommunication lines from the excavating activities. Mechanical drilling can be slow and has a high risk to surrounding areas. As NDD uses water, it has the added benefit of dust suppression in an instant, which can be helpful in residential areas.

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Non-Destructive Digging Is Quieter

Due to not having to use mechanical equipment for digging, the pressure applied during NDD is significantly quieter, which is very important in residential and metropolitan areas with residential properties and foot traffic. The NDD excavation only has the noise of the pump, which is relatively low and does not last long.

Non-Destructive Digging Is Cost-Effective

Fewer crew members are required in NDD, reducing operational costs and working hours needed to undertake manual spot digging. NDD also ensures less mess than other conventional approaches to digging, which significantly reduces clean up time. Materials vacuumed into the truck, can go straight back into the hole once the project is complete, ensuring there are minimal remediation costs in backfilling. It also reduces the cost for material removal, which traditional excavation methods will need to use, as a new truck is not necessary to take materials away. The non-invasive method also eliminates the cost for potential repairs, as it is more precise and will not damage underground infrastructures in place.

Non-Destructive Digging Is Precise

Using NDD allows the implementation of a highly exact controlled process and operation from start to finish. In many cases, NDD will not disturb, damage, or replace footpaths, roads, curbs and gutters or surface drains, creating less impact on the environment. NDD is so precise since an operator stands over the excavation as it happens and can make adjustments as necessary.

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Faster Than Mechanical Excavators

With congested underground easements and roadways, it is becoming increasingly important to identify the location of any underground utilities before a project commences. Non-destructive digging allows for both the exposure of energised buried lines as well as the recording of depths and locations of buried utilities. It saves the slow and tedious process of hand digging to uncover services. Using the non-destructive digging method increases productivity and efficiency, making it faster and more convenient than traditional digging methods.

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