Do Not Repeat These Five Mistakes While Selecting Tiles For Your Kitchen

Kitchen repairs are not fast and easiest certainly. While choosing a kitchen ceramic, the buyer should be aware of the contemporary styles available in the market. Give preference to neutral colors and cool shades, as they are very easy to embody in cooking space.

It would be quite logical to decorate the walls, the floor, and even the countertops with monochromatic tiles. Ceramics with the image of kitchen utensils are very fashionable today. Natural motifs such as images of greens, fruits, vegetables are always relevant in the kitchen and well complement to any chosen stylistic direction.

Choosing tiles for your kitchen is a challenging task. After a while, you get bored with the motif, and then replacing it is much more problematic than poking new wallpaper or updating paint. Therefore, try not only to choose the best but also to avoid the most common mistakes when selecting a tile.

1.     The main mistakes when choosing tile:

Do not consider the kitchen design; Buy a tile only after you have precisely decided on:

  •    The interior of the kitchen
  •    Sorted out the colors and materials
  •    The texture of the walls
  •    The headset

The kitchen is an area of high humidity and pollution. Consequently, ceramic tiles also require careful maintenance.


It would be a big blunder to think that the tile you are going to buy will serve you equally well. Pick a tabletop that harmonizes well with the wall tiles. Do not feel perplexed with several shades of the same color. You can make a collage of kitchen elements by selecting different photos from the internet. Alternatively, you can go for an electronic form. Do not forget that that quality of the photo will be different from real objects. Interior styles and kitchen designs are important factors to consider before finalizing any tile for the cooking room.

1.     Buy tile without stock

You do not want to spend extra bucks on materials that need long term storage or take up space. If you are applying the same rule with ceramic wall tiles, you can get into big trouble. Purchasing kitchen tiles back to back by measurement can result in an expensive purchase at the end. Any disaster can take place during the construction process: a worker can drop the tile, miscalculation probability or trimming error.

As a result, there remains a hole on the floor since only a few tiles were missing. It’s probably not possible to buy precisely the same flooring in the store since it will “end up” according to the law of meanness, or a new party will come, and the tile will be at least a little different.


It is evident that no one wants to spend money on extra tile package as it will be unnecessarily lying for many more years. However, adding at least 10 percent of the calculated number of tiles will not hurt at all.

1.     Rely on the calculations of the seller

Many stores offer you a bonus to calculate the required number of tiles for repair. This scheme is good and pleasant for customers. You will be getting plenty of options in tiles like marble, granite any other Natural Stone. Try to choose best Natural Stone Supplier who can guide you in a better way. Now, you don’t have to rely on your calculations as they are often made with errors. Consultants calculate the amount, without any extra charge in reputed stores. The benefit with this service is that if you are left with extra boxes after the repair, the store will agree to take them back.

Carefully inspect the quality of ceramic kitchen tiles even if they are expensive. It is impossible for you to discover battered kitchen tiles, the flaws of which you noticed only at the laying stage. Calculating the number of tiles in the cabin is a pleasant service as a bonus. But is it worth it to trust completely? Of course!!! Not. The master directly in your kitchen can only calculate the exact number of ceramic wall tiles. The seller in the store, and even more so the program for the calculation, is not able to take into consideration all the features of your kitchen and layout options. Moreover, it is okay if there are more tiles (although returning a new tile is not an easy task). In addition, it could be worst if the tiles are not enough. This may well lead to unplanned financial costs.

2.     Return surplus back


Shops have legal right to refuse to take the tiles back, once they are sold. It does not matter whether wall tiles are of good quality or passed 14 days of purchase; the customer won’t get any compensation. The chosen tile should go well with the kitchen size. Lighter shades and simple motifs make your kitchen look bigger and airy. The kitchen is the heart of house when it comes to cooking lifestyle and tradition. It must look bigger, fresh, and spacious. Hence, it becomes essential to evaluate the kitchen size before confirming any tile design.

1.     Aftercare

And taking care of ceramic kitchen tiles after installation is one of the important factors to consider. Kitchen tiles are most exposed to stains, dirt, and water. Nude shades are perfect choice for kitchen areas, as they tend to look elegant while saving the stains behind the tiles. One can also go for trendy grey contemporary styles for kitchen areas. Do not neglect the aftercare part of the tiles. Clean the dirt deposits frequently.


These are common errors that you make while deciding kitchen tiles for your home. It is crucial to consider practical factors while choosing a modern design for kitchen furnishing. Below are some tips for selecting tiles for a newly installed kitchen:

  • Try to match floor tile with color theme and background of the kitchen. Fusion effect will give a lively look to the cooking space.
  • Go for terracotta patterns to make your kitchen look a step ahead of the conventional designs.
  • If you are planning to choose glossy tiles for interior flooring installation, don’t forget that they are slippery.


Kitchen tiles can dramatically upgrade the aura of your home. They are an idea investment for easy maintenance and modern lifestyle. Wall tiles are versatile, durable and budget-friendly coverings for your home. Read on to know more!