Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

If you use a garbage disposal, then you must know how efficient and useful it is. If you do not own one yet, then you should definitely invest in buying one for your kitchen. Its function is shredding food waste into small pieces that can pass through the plumbing system. This device should be in every modern house for all the mentioned reasons, in addition to it being easy to maintain. Here are the best tips on garbage disposals maintenance:

Regular use

You should run the disposal regularly, even if you do not have anything to shred or grind. Just turn on the water and let it do its job every couple of days. This process is important to avoid corrosion, rust, and debris accumulation. Leaving the garbage disposal unused for too long will lead it to freeze up and accumulate unwanted odor and clogs.

Best way to clean it

Keep the garbage disposal clean to avoid clogging and bad smells. Give the garbage disposal a regular good cleaning by using a couple drops of dishwashing detergents in it while using cold water and run the disposal for a couple of minutes. This will help de-grease it and fight off bacteria. You can also clean it by using ice cubes, shredded citrus fruits, baking soda or/and rock salt with cold water. Also, always try to cut waste into small pieces before feeding it to the disposal, to keep the blades and the motor in good condition.

What to avoid

Always avoid shredding non-biodegradable food, coffee grounds, or eggshells because they will only cause clogs or slow draining waste lines. Also, do not feed potato peels as the will leave starch residue that will cling to the insides of the disposal and end up clogging the device.

Other things to avoid putting in the disposal are banana peels, expandable foods (rice or pasta), bones, grease, oil, fat as well as plastic, glass, paper, metal, cigarette butts or any combustible items. 

When to get it repaired

Technicians at Hartman’s Appliance repair advise you to get professional help when the garbage disposal at your home is clogged, jammed, leaking, not turning on or not grinding. Check san diego rehab for more details. Do not over exhaust it or try to clean it with your hands, if it is malfunctioning. Call a repair service and have it looked up. Sometimes if the troubleshoots are too severe and frequent, you should consider getting a new garbage disposal.