How Do You Know If You Have Plumbing Problems?

How Do You Know If You Have Plumbing Problems?

We all have been there at some time or another – lying in bed after a long day at work, when the drip-drip of your bathroom faucet wakes you up. A leaking faucet is quick to fix with a plumbing tool kit, but did you know there are several silent warning signs that indicate you could need emergency plumbing services. Listed below are a few silent warning signs that you have a potential plumbing problem that needs attention.

Discolored Pipes: Nobody goes looking at pipes and yet they are an indicator of plumbing issues. The next time you walk into your basement, be sure to take a look at your pipes to see if there are any signs of discoloration. Inspect joints and unions for leaks and discoloration. If you see your copper pipes look green, it is an indicator that there is moisture present. This could be from a drain line, sink, or even a slow leak in the water supply line. This calls for immediate attention. Remember, supply lines are pressurized, and a slow leak has every potential to turn into a flood.

Sewer Odor: A general plumbing rule is that every drain must have a trap, and every trap must have a vent. These drains and traps are designed to keep sewer gas from leaking into your home. The vents route sewer odors to the roof, while a drain trap acts as a barrier and prevents sewer odors from coming up the sink drain. So, if you smell sewer gas in your home, it is likely that either your vent has cracked, or your drain has run dry. You can easily fix a dry trap by simply pouring water into it. However, a cracked vent might need an expert’s hand as they are hard to track and repair.

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Weak Water Flow: Low water pressure is yet another indicator of plumbing issues. If you have low water flow in just one bathroom, the odds are you have a faulty faucet aerator which is easy to fix. However, if you have low water pressure in more than two faucets at your house, it is a sign of a bigger plumbing problem. You could have a problem with your hot water heater or the water main. The worst-case scenario is a leak in the supply line. You shouldn’t ignore weak water flow and call a reliable plumbing service to take a look at it right away.

 Plumbing Problems

Slow Drain: If you have a slow drain, you certainly have a plumbing problem. In most cases, you can easily remove a clog that is near the drain. However, if the clog is farther down the plumbing line, you will need to snake it out. Cleaning out a single clog in your kitchen may be an easy DIY task, however, if you have slow drains in all your bathrooms, you should probably call in a plumber sooner than later.

Plumbing issues can grow and get complex before you know it. Therefore, it is important to handle them quickly. If you are looking for a reliable emergency plumber in your neighborhood, look no further than Four Seasons Plumbing. We offer quality plumbing services and top-notch customer service. Call us today at 828-216-3894.