How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost?

Losing a big appliance can be devastating for your finances. Whether it was stolen or broken, replacing a refrigerator could make a big dent in your savings account, which you would surely rather spend on more enjoyable things (like a vacation, for example).

However, simple repairs instead of a full replacement may be a more cost effective way to deal with a broken appliance, especially if you’re satisfied with the model you have. Refrigerators have regular wear and tear and do require some amount of maintenance, whether they are broken or not. Getting regular “check ups” on your fridge can increase its life expectancy as well.

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If your refrigerator could use some repairs, read on for some considerations to keep in mind before you head to the first repair service you see.

Finding A Reputable Repair Service

One of the most important steps in the refrigerator repair process is making sure you find and do business with a reputable repair service. You will want to make sure that the service provider you choose has been in the industry for a while, specializes in your type of refrigerator, and has a good reputation online and in person.

You can also do some research into a repair service’s specializations, if you feel it applies to your refrigerator. For instance, if you have a very old model, you may need to do business with someone who is more acquainted to that year of refrigerators, according to Honolulu Appliance Repair Pro, a company that provides refrigerator repair in Honolulu.

The last thing you want to look into when choosing a repair service is the reputation that that service has. Do a cruise through Yelp to make sure there are no egregious reviews of the service provider you’re considering, and that it has an average score of over three stars. This should ensure that you receive quality service.

You can also poll your networks to see who your friends have worked with in the past and who they recommend for repairs in your area. People love to share when they’ve had exceptionally good or exceptionally bad service, so you can be sure if someone mentions a service provider that they are serious about the advice they give.

What To Consider Before You Repair Your Refrigerator

One thing to consider before you repair your current refrigerator is how much the fridge would be to replace versus the repair quote your service provider gives you. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to ditch your current refrigerator in favor of a newer model.

This could happen if you have a fridge that is more out of date, and thus requires parts that may not currently be manufactured. You should also consider whether the price you are quoted includes any extra parts on your fridge, such as an icemaker or a smart screen.

The Typical Costs Associated With Refrigerator Repair

Typically, a refrigerator repair will cost between $80 and $300. It depends on what your refrigerator’s specific issue is, whether you have built-in features like an icemaker, and the service provider you work with. Additionally, a fridge that is out of date may cost more and require a specialist.

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No matter what direction you choose in terms of your appliance repair, it’s important that you choose an option that is within your budget and will leave you with a fridge that preserves food and drinks at a safe, cool temperature.