How Not To Get Scammed When Buying A Handmade Ziegler Rug?

Handmade Ziegler Rug

Thinking of getting a handmade Ziegler rug for your living room?

It can be nearly impossible to check the handmade rug’s authenticity when buying online.

We’ve all heard a story about someone getting scammed on an online rug purchase – being sold an “antique Ziegler” when it was actually a low-quality rug, or getting a viscose rug when they paid for a silk one.

But you can avoid getting ripped off.

We’ve shared some expert tips below!

Identifying an Authentic Handmade Ziegler Rug

There are two major factors leading to a bad rug purchase story:

  • The buyer didn’t have much knowledge of rugs
  • He/she wasn’t guided on what they were getting into beforehand

Which means, if you aren’t familiar with an authentic Ziegler’s characteristics and features apart from the obvious design patterns, you’re in for a racket.

A real handmade Ziegler rug has much more to it than just floral details and captivating color schemes. After all, these handwoven masterpieces aren’t so valuable for no reason at all.

But the question is, how to examine a handmade Ziegler for authenticity when buying online?

Follow these tips:

Learn About Ziegler Rugs

The very first step to avoid being scammed by an online rug seller is learning about the product you’d be buying.

In this case, if you’re up for purchasing a handmade Ziegler rug, it’s really important for you to understand the different features of Ziegler rugs, including their design patterns, popular colors, the materials commonly used in the rug’s making, the weaving techniques employed, knot density, and so on.

One major characteristic that differentiates a Ziegler form all the other handmade Persian and Oriental rugs is the intricate floral design patterns that are very much unlike the traditional Persian rug designs.

Apart from this, Ziegler handmade rugs for sale are mostly available in subtle hues, rather than the traditional reds and greens. That’s because these rugs were originally designed for the Western market, and hence have a modern touch to them.

100% pure silky wool is the most common material used in a Ziegler rug’s making, while the weaving techniques followed are Persian and Mori knots.

Also, Ziegler rugs often have a very high KPSI (knot per square inch) count.

Understand the Pricing

Next, you need to know what really goes into the price value of an authentic Ziegler rug. As in … why are the rugs so expensive?

On a rug company’s site, you’d come across two major different types of rugs – machine-made and handmade.

While the machine-made ones are quite affordable, it’s the handmade rugs that’re the most desirable since they really exude a traditional charm and an unmatched aura of luxury.

Also, handwoven rugs are highly durable, have a softer feel as compared to their machine-made counterparts, and their colors don’t fade too easily.

Additionally, it takes several long months to complete a single Ziegler handmade rug because of the high knot density, which further adds to the rug’s value.

In a sense, an authentic hand-knotted Ziegler rug would be expensive, but it would also be just perfect. So, the price is totally worth it.

If it seems like you’re getting a real big steal, beware! The rug could be fake.

Find a Well-Reputed Company

Last of all, when buying online, make sure to choose a reputable rug dealer who can provide you with an iron-clad guarantee and the promise of delivering 100% handmade rugs.

Read their customer reviews, go through their website, check their rankings on Google’s SERPs, and don’t forget to view the star ratings of the rug company you’re buying from.

This last step is often the most critical in reducing your chances of getting scammed.

Bonus Tip: Look for a Good Return and Exchange Policy

A rug company that deals in authentic handmade rugs would most likely have a return and exchange policy in place.

In case you pick a really good rug dealer, you may be provided with a complete refund if you’re not satisfied with the product. Some rug dealers even offer a No-Question Return Policy, which means you can return the rug and get a full refund without any questions asked.

All in all, the major key to not getting scammed when buying a handmade Ziegler rug online is by choosing the right company. And, don’t forget to follow the steps above!