How To Keep Your Tumble Dryer In Excellent Condition

Tumble Dryers are one of your homes hidden gems that life would be more difficult without. In the summer, drying clothes across many countries in the world can be done by simply hanging them outdoors, however, with colder and more inconsistent weather in the UK, tumble dryers are required throughout the year. Even when it may be hotter outdoors, tumble dryers can still dry clothes much quicker and may be able to dry more clothes than your washing line can hold. That is why it is so important to own a tumble dryer and why life would be much more difficult without one. If we didn’t have tumble dryers during the winter, we would have to let limited items of clothing dry on radiators or have to wait for the clothes to dry naturally. Without sufficient amounts of clean and dry clothes daily, we would end up either wearing wet or damp clothes or even have to wear unclean clothes as the cleaned clothes dried.

As summer is coming to an end, people are going to begin to search for a new tumble dryer in their home or begin to use their current tumble dryer more. It is important that when you own a tumble dryer, you are fully aware of how to use the machine that you own, how to properly, and most importantly how to keep your tumble dryer in excellent condition to provide long term efficient use. Tumble dryers are not cheap appliances and are a huge loss if they are damaged, or if you simply do not own one. In this, we have provided some excellent tips on how to keep your tumble dryer in excellent condition and how to make the very most out of it.

Regular Maintenance Checks

When owning a tumble dryer, it is important to make regular checks to ensure that it is working correctly and safely. Consistently each month, pull out your dryer and check for any dust that may be built up on and around the sockets. If the sockets overheat, the dust could potentially catch fire. It is also important to check inside of the drum to see if the sensor is clean. Many modern dryers are condensers, it is important to empty the water container after every cycle. If you consistently wash and dry large amounts of wet clothes, it is highly important that the container is emptied as it could overfill or stop the cycle from taking place.

Don’t Overload The Dryer

Overloading your tumble dryer can potentially cause a number of issues. Not only will it use far more energy during the cycle, but packing the drum full of wet clothes will leave no room for hot air to move around. This means it could take hours for your clothes, bed sheets or anything that is in your tumble dryer hours to dry. A full or heavy load can also cause damage to the drum, resulting in costly repairs or even replacement.

Don’t Mix Large and Small Items

Ever lost single socks and then later found them in a hoodie or a pillowcase? This occurs when you tumble dry large items with smaller items in the same cycle. When your clothes come out of the washing machine, it is best practice to arrange them into piles of similarly sized items, such as underwear with socks and jeans with t-shirts. Not only will this save you energy by ensuring all items are dried equally, but it also prevents you from losing clothes and finding them in places they shouldn’t be.

Clean Your Dryer Regularly

As you tumble dryer ages and continually complete cycles, it picks up fluff from your clothes and other materials. This is then taken away from the clothes in your tumble dryer and is caught in the lint filter. Cleaning your tumble dryers lint filter regularly prevents the dust that is caught from overheating, and can easily be done with a vacuum nozzle, or by running the filter underneath a tap. If you choose to run the filter underneath a tap, please ensure to dry the filter by reinserting it into the dryer.

Don’t Insert Clothes That are Too Wet

When you take your clothes directly out of the washing machine and place them into the tumble dryer, it may leave excess water and the extra weight could damage your drum, additionally to increasing your energy bills. When drying your clothes in the dryer, it is important to give time to allow some of the clothes to rinse before putting them in the dryer. If you place your clothes directly into the dryer after they have been washed, it is important to run another cycle to get rid of the excess water.


Separate Your Clothes

When loading clean clothes into your tumble dryer, shake each individual item to ensure that they are separated. Tangled clothes can take much longer to dry and will also come out of the dryer creased. When all of your clothes are separated, they can move around in the hot air freely, meaning they will come out uncreased and will be drier much faster.

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As it is that time of the year where we cannot use our washing lines as often as we can in the summer, it is important to have a fully functioning and efficient tumble dryer in your home. If your current tumble dryer is old, faulty, or you currently do not own a tumble. Visit Bedminster Domestic Appliances for brand new Tumble Dryers in Bristol from a variety of high-end brands. This blog was written by Ben Donne, who is the marketer for Bedminster Domestic Appliances. Ben has a passion for the growth of businesses and inspiring people with his content.